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Pop Star, Genuwine Refuses to Kiss Transgender Person and Immediate Draws Fire

Pop Star, Genuwine Refuses to Kiss Transgender Person and Immediate Draws Fire

Singer Genuwine Refuses to Kiss Transgender Person and Immediately Comes Under Fire

Genuwine Refuses to Kiss Transgender Person
Genuwine on Celebrity BigBrother UK


Genuwine Refuses to Kiss Transgender Person

Pop star, Genuwine refuses to kiss a transgender person and all hell has broken loose. I have written in depth on the efforts by the current power structure to emasculate and feminize the Black male image. I have been very clear on the importance of Black male masculinity and the use of proper racial socialization to ensure that Black male masculinity does not transform into hypermasculinity or hyper-violence but to evolve in the highest state of preparedness in building an infrastructure to support Black empowerment.

This later issue in which Genuine refuses to kiss a transgender person resulted in an immediate backlash from the public and social media. The propaganda storm that supports the ideology behind the emasculation of Black is well-anchored and highly funded.

While effeminate males are considered fun and great friends, they are not perceived as leaders in the Black community; not even by the Black females that befriend them. I have also witnessed these same individuals attacking Black females and ridiculing them, which should immediately send up red flags.

There have been times that I have drawn the ire of the internet and social media, but never like the times when addressing homosexuality and transgenderism. So, I know this will be a highly controversial post, but someone has to speak for the interest of our people over the personal ideologies that seek to destroy us. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Watch the Video to get the full commentary on why this matters to the Black collective.


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