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The Odyssey Project, a community initiative initially launched as a collaboration between Rick Wallace Ministries and Eastgate Discipleship Ministries, was founded on the premise that warfare requires soldiers that are adequately equipped for battle. Over time, it became apparent that there was a specific need that was not being met in the community — a need for justice and opportunity for all blacks. The mission has shifted its focus to the empowerment of black people, regardless of religious affiliation.

This means that we support, protect and empower everything black before extending ourselves outward to become involved in any exogenous issues and activities. The word “Odyssey” represents the ethereal journey that we are undertaking to reclaim our identity as kings and queens. Although there are many, our constant mantra is “The Rise of a Black Nation!”

We here at The Odyssey Project stand firm in our belief that any message meant to elevate a specific race of people must be weighted with the unadulterated truth. We stress the importance of discipleship in the fullest sense; a work begun must be completed. We also place a strong emphasis on the responsibilities of men to reclaim their designed roles as leaders, heads, protectors, providers, and more. We are sending out a clarion that serves to alert every black person to the fierce urgency of the matter at hand.

The original design for the family has been distorted through the infiltration of secular paradigms and the family structure has been severely damaged. It is our goal to confront the issues in detail and work toward the only solution; surrender to the original plan for the family. As the family goes, so does this black nation and beyond.

With this in mind, we are conscious of the fact that though proper teaching is paramount to the advancement of the elevated black lifestyle, we cannot become complacent in the other areas of discipline and science. We must be active in the community. We must be impactful in the home. We must be present in the struggle. We at The Odyssey Project have a transpicuous apprehension of the fact that without committed soldiers on the front lines, there can be no victory.

The Odyssey Project is purposed and dedicated to be at the forefront of the spiritual, economic and cultural revolution that is on the Horizon. The spiritual barometer is indicating that there are major shifts in the spiritual atmosphere. There is a certain level of disquietude that cannot be denied or overlooked. There is a rumbling as the undercurrent of dissatisfaction rages beneath the seemingly quiet surface of complacency within the black community. People are becoming unsatisfied with the status quo. People are yearning for what their souls tells them exists. People are yearning for the full expression of the reality of their true identity. People are yearning for the black men to fulfill their design. People are yearning to see a distinction between the current reality and what is meant to be. People are yearning for the black nation to rise to its initial purpose. Here at The Odyssey Project, we are committed to awakening the collective greatness in our people.

I know there are some who will engage this project and mission with a certain level of skepticism. As soldiers of the movement, we cannot become engrossed in the implacable incursion of naysayers, but we must remain focused on the task at hand. Yes, there will be concerns; however, there are multitudinous individuals who are in need of answers. Answers to the enigmatic problems they face daily. These are the ones we hope to reach. Through The Odyssey Project, we will engage the issues and concerns that are at the forefront of the moral, economic and spiritual decline of this nation and beyond. We will engage the perpetual failure of the covenant of marriage, the erroneous views associated with finance and group economics as well as the spirit of entrepreneurship — not to mention the power of proper education.

No matter who you are, no matter what socioeconomic environment you inhabit, regardless to the number of degrees on your wall, or the lack thereof, we are all facing the challenges of an imperfect and deficient world that is immensely hostile to our people. The “I’s” are not always dotted and the “T’s” are not always crossed. Those we trust are not always worthy of our trust. There is that moment in every life when our current situation is bigger than we are. It is in these moments that we must stand fast and face the challenges of the moment head-on. Prepare to shake off the shackles of lethargy and mediocrity and walk into the potency of our innate greatness.

Come join us as we walk toward our destiny of elevation and empowerment!

The Rise of a Black Nation

The Inner Sanctum: The Brilliant Minds behind The Odyssey Project

Dr. Rick Wallace3
Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. ~ President & Chief Executive Officer

Craig Samuels

Craig Samuels ~ Chief Advisor










    Saw your video when was on zingco.net one time nice job i wish you could be on there more, fyi there was program written here in atl to stop the human trafficking problem and its funny how the dems in the state would help the guy who made it ,i went to demo of it as he was trying raise money and was amazing ,

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