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Naimah Latif is President of Latif Communications Group, Inc., a publishing company specializing in history and sociology books used in elementary, high schools and colleges and sold to the general public. Her widely acclaimed books reach national and international audiences.

The Female Solution

Many beautiful, intelligent, talented women just can’t find a husband. Why? In many areas across America, women outnumber men by as much as four to one. More than 53% of children are being raised in single parent female headed households. There just aren’t enough single men to go around. To stabilize our communities, should men be allowed  to marry more than one woman? Read the book that is changing male/female relationships in America forever.


Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma

How did black people in Africa become enslaved by European whites? Who did they really capture and sell into slavery in America? Why do the effects of this traumatic experience still linger in African American families today? How can we get rid of the violence and poverty that plague the communities where African Americans live? Take the test on page 22 and find out how deeply you have been affected. Discover the secrets in your own genetic memory.


When Nations Gather

Ancient Native American prophets foretold the coming of Europeans to the North American continent bringing the destruction of life as they knew it. These prophets predicted the rise of America, the two world wars, and the dropping of the atom bomb. They also predicted the fall of America and the destruction of the world as foretold in the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and other holy books. This too will come to pass, unlessRead what we must do to prevent Armageddon.


Visits From The Dream State

Where do you really go when you”die” and leave this world? Realizing he was terminally ill, one man promised his wife that after he made his transition, he would come back and tell her all about it. Astonishingly, he kept his promise. Not only did he come back, he found a way to bring her with him and show his wife a glimpse of Heaven. Read the fascinating true autobiographical account of life after death, from one who has been there. You don’t have to wonder anymore.


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