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Kamala Harris eBook Can Kamala Harris Rise Above Her Controversial Past on Criminal Justice

Kamala Harris eBook Can Kamala Harris Rise Above Her Controversial Past on Criminal Justice

Kamala Harris eBook

Can Kamala Harris Overcome Her Controversial History On Criminal Justice?


Over the last several days, I have taken a great deal of heat because I decided to hold Kamala Harris accountable for her record as State’s Attorney and Attorney General of California. What I find interesting is the fact that most of the people who have accused me of attacking Senator Harris, consider it to be an open season on Donald Trump. If Donald Trump can be critiqued, so can Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. In fact, we have a responsibility to offer up a fair and unbiased critique of all politicians who claim to want to represent our interests on such a grand stage.

Kamala Harris eBook
Kamala Harris eBook: See download details below!

Allow me to be clear here, I don’t have a horse in this race, because I personally hold those I support, invest in, and endorse, to a certain standard. I don’t believe in the concept of “the lesser of two evils.” Evil is evil, and no good can come out of evil. The Barmecidal illusion of extracting good from evil has served to anchor Blacks in the quicksand of frustration and a state of bathos.

Much of the pushback I have experienced is seated in ignorance fueled by an unwillingness to read, research, and understand. I have long-stated that for Blacks to gain a lucid perspicacity of our current condition, we must invest in the acquisition of informative knowledge.

We suffer mightily in grasping the concept of political science and how it impacts us as individuals and as a race.

“I only debate my equals, all others I teach.” Dr. John Henrik Clarke

I am not here to debate anyone, but to offer insight and to challenge those who disagree to support their position with facts discovered while conducting research. I am not interested in your feelings or emotions, just the facts and the reasoning they produce.

While I am not one to be sequestered by the negative assessments and opinions of others, taking a hardline approach will often make it immensely challenging to teach those offended by my positions. For this reason, I have decided to create a short eBook that examines Kamala Harris’ record under the light of balance and fairness. I have pulled three articles that range from pro-Kamala to anti-Kamala I offer some soft commentary throughout to bring clarity and to challenge the reader to think.

We owe ourselves so much more than living vicariously through another Black face in high places while getting absolutely nothing of intrinsic value in return.

I close this book out with my brief commentary on the matter. My position and commentary comes after tracking Kamala for years — literally. Kamala first came across my desk after the murder of Oscar Grant by a police officer under Harris’ jurisdiction. The poor manner in which that case was handled put Harris on my radar, and I followed her path ever since. Please understand that I am not in the business of giving out passes and making excuses for people solely because they are Black. I did not do it for Barack Obama, and I will not do it for Kamala Harris, who has gone to great lengths to distance herself from the Black component of her heritage.

The only thing that I ask is that you read the contents, conduct your own non-biased research (meaning don’t just research to confirm your personal biases), and make a decision after you come to your own personal conclusion. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


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