Dr. Umar Johnson – Dr. Boyce Watkins & The Black Drama Demons

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Dr. Umar Johnson – Dr. Boyce Watkins & The Black Drama Demons


Dr. Umar Johnson - Dr. Boyce Watkins & The Black Drama Demons

Dr. Umar Johnson

Ever since the news of Dr. Umar Johnson’s pending hearing before the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology was made public, the sharks have been in the water. In the past, I have been clear about where Dr. Johnson stands with me. I don’t always agree with his methods, but I support his passion.

Even when I disagree with something he does, I don’t go out to spread malicious ideas because I understand that Black empowerment is greater than any one person, including myself.

This video is not about Dr. Johnson as much as it is about the behavior of Blacks and mindset that leads us to be used as the greatest weapon against those who stand up and fight for what is to become Black progress and Black Power.

I will say that while I will not go into detail, I am very disappointed with Dr. Boyce Watkins who could not wait to pounce on this story with ill-intent. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to speak with him in person to express my concerns, but I will not try him in the court of public opinion in the manner in which he has done Dr. Johnson.

If Black people actually took the time to think for ourselves, we would actually see that while Dr. Johnson can be a hard pill to swallow from the perspective of personality and approach, when you fact-check him, his assessments stand up.

I remember when the rumors were circulating about his academic credentials and everybody jumped on a bandwagon simply because it was being said. Well, how can he be going before the State to determine if his credentials will be revoked if he never held them in the first place? Now, think about the damage that was done with just that one lie.

We have been trained to police one another with a veracity that is absolutely relentless. We will not stand up and fight the system that is oppressing us, but we will fight one another to the death.

One reason Dr. Johnson is attacked is that he does not fit the mold of what the Eurocentric system says a man should fit, especially a Black man. He is bold/brash and unapologetic in his speech. He supports Black masculinity as opposed to the feminization of the Black male image.

He supports Black men being committed to Black women as the first symbol of their commitment to the Black struggle. I am not suggesting that Dr. Johnson is perfect or that he does not have faults, but I have faults.

As a race, we have to stop allowing ourselves to be used to bring down Black men who are on the front lines. Here is a quick news flash, you are not going to like every Black person you come in contact with. You are not going to agree with every philosophy being championed by your brothers and sisters, but you have a responsibility to find common ground, and when taking issue with something your brother or sister has done, address it with them in private or before a recognized council within the collective and not out in the open. See, if you are talking about someone without their knowledge and without having discussed your concerns with them first, you are simply a gossip monger.

Once again, this extends far beyond the current situation with Dr. Johnson to address an issue that has been a historical thorn in the side of Black progress — the internal feeding frenzies that take place anytime someone within the collective does something we don’t like. Should we hold one another accountable, especially those in positions of leadership? Absolutely! However, there is a substantive difference between holding someone accountable and crucifying them.

Subconsciously, we uphold our own false sense of righteousness anytime that we are able to identify and point out the fallibility in others, which ends up being one monumental game of finger-pointing. We must learn to work together to build what is needed to secure our future as a race. As my great-grandmother once told me, “spend more time living the life you profess and allow that to speak for you; stop trying to convince people of who you are and let the life you live speak for you.” She followed that up with, “stop shouting lie and deception every time you see someone lying. The best way to expose a lie is by living the truth because the light of the truth shines brightest when it is lived out, and the truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it, simply turn it loose, and it is more than capable of defending itself.”

However you feel about Dr. Johnson is your prerogative; however, the manner in which you address is a reflection of your values and character. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


Check out the following video to hear the full commentary.

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