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The Odyssey Consortium Presents: 
The Black First Initiative


As many of you are aware, the men at The Odyssey Consortium  have embarked up a massive endeavor to provide direction and leadership to the energy and hope that are in the body and hearts of blacks across America. In addition to providing a full-service resource center, the men also produce and host two national radio shows: Real Talk with Rick and J. Rich and The Forum  with Elgin Bailey.

Additionally, COO, Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. and CEO, Elgin Bailey, have begun a push to implement the Black First Initiative; their 5-Step Blueprint for the Elevation and Empowerment of BLACKS across America!

Imagine Black Wall Street; now envision it on steroids!

See below:

The Black First Initiative
5 Steps to Black Elevation and Empowerment

1.     EcB1Initiative Log _5x_5 - Copyonomic Empowerment accomplished through group economics — practiced vertically

2.     Establish political influence through the wealth that is developed by practicing group economics.

3.     Use the political clout to influence policy in the judicial system and police departments

4.     Build and purchase media outlets to control the information and programming, allowing us to control the paradigms that shape our thought processes, as well as accurately portray the image of blacks, and to counter the negative propaganda being spread by white mainstream media.

5.     Create our own education system that is designed to teach our children how to be entrepreneurs instead of employees. Rescuing our young boys from a pipeline that is currently ushering the from the front doors of schools to the back doors of prisons.

This is the abbreviated version of the list explanation, but it is the proven blueprint to empowerment.

In addition to these key steps we are looking to invest in an entire town or a huge neighborhood to serve as our Mecca — The New Black Wall Street!

Although every city will have its own version of Black Wall Street and be connected to the entire network of cities across America — functioning as a whole — there will be one city that will be ground zero, our Mecca! Right now we are  considering cities, such as Detroit, Atlanta, D.C., which have a strong and deep black tradition and historical backdrop. Detroit needs us bad right now. Although we have not ruled out other locations, Detroit currently sits at the top of the list.

We are also developing a black code of conduct that will help organize and manage the movement on a national level. The code of conduct will consist of 21 principles (7 on family, 7 on moral conduct and 7 on finance and economics).

Also, the site is much more than a blog. The blog on the site allows for the constant flow of fresh content, but there are nearly 30 tabs with multitudinous sub-tabs that provide a wealth of data meant to empower. If we mention it on one of our shows, posts or published articles, you will be able to find it on that site, in one form or another.

In essence, we have a blueprint that is proven to work. The key is to have the financial resources to generate the exposure necessary to influence the masses.

We are raising funds to cover administrative costs, invest in equipment and property necessary to execute the plans encompassed in this blueprint, invest in other black-owned and led operations that will help to improve the condition and position of blacks across America. At current, we have projected our expenditures through the first quarter of 2015 to exceed $250,000.

We are asking those who believe in the foundation on which we are standing and moving forward, to offer your financial support.

We are also in the process of producing a 5 part documentary entitled: The Rise of a Black Nation.

5 Part Documentary Layout:

Part 1: The Rise of a Black Nation: From Slavery to Financial Empowerment

Part 2: The Rise of a Black Nation: The Miseducation of Black Youth

Part 3: The Rise of a Black Nation: Rebuilding the Black Family Nucleus

Part 4: The Rise of a Black Nation: Restoring the Black Man to Power

Part 5: The Rise of a Black Nation: Black Group Economics

The production process on this project is currently underway, and it will be intensified as the funding process begins. Stay tuned for the latest details.
In addition to covering operational costs, we will also be allocating funds raised and generated to the production costs of these films. We are planning on shooting the first one in early December. This means that we must elevate our fundraising efforts.

As a “people,” blacks are facing a pivotal point in our history here in America. We have been living consistently at the bottom of the of the social ladder from day one, and nothing has changed. We are struggling to maintain financially, academically, relationally and more. When chattel slavery ended, blacks own one half of one percent of this nation’s wealth; 150 years later, blacks own one half of one percent of this nation’s wealth. It is time for a change.

The Black First Initiative is the answer!

The black family nucleus has all but been destroyed. I have posted statistics that revealed that blacks have the highest divorce rate, the highest single parent household rate, the highest incarceration rate, etc., in America. These are issues that must be addressed at the source. It is time for us to stop majoring in the minor, so that we can begin dealing with the core issues that are the root cause for our current situation.

It is time to come together as a people and put our differences aside for the common cause of survival and ascension. The men within the Inner Sanctum of the Odyssey Consortium are prepared to lead that charge. Not only will we be engaging the enigmatic issues that face the black community, but we will be developing viable strategies to overcome these issues. We will be engaging the needs of the people in the community, from food and utility programs to private education subsidization.

We are currently planning several inner city forums and community meetings across the nation to organize with local leadership.

We are conducting research on ways to fund the development of our own educational system, so that we can educate our own children in a manner that will equip them to compete on an even level with their white counterparts. Instead of having a mindset of obtaining an education that will allow them to secure a job at a fortune 500 company, we will instill in them the assets that will allow them to build their own corporations that will rival the existing fortune 500 companies. We will have to organize a national education commission of our own.

We will need to purchase property, invest in learning materials, facilitate training and more. We need your support.

They say that we can’t and will not ever come together and unite for the purpose of empowerment; I say that we can and we will.

Let’s start today, no gift is too little.

Thank you in advance,

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.
Chief Operations Officer
The B-1 Odyssey Project
Executive Producer and Host
Real Talk with Rick and J. Rich

You can keep up with us on our official Facebook Community pages at The Odyssey Project 21  and Real Talk with Rick & J. Rich

You can also visit our official site and resource center at the The Odyssey Consortium


Support the Odyssey Consortium and Black First Initiative!

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