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Black Lives Matter: Violence in the Black Community & Police Brutality

Black Lives Matter: Violence in the Black Community & Police Brutality

Black Lives Matter: Violence in the Black Community & Police Brutality


Police BrutalityWhen I first came across the attached photo, I analyzed it, and I gave it a considerable amount of consideration. After thinking long and hard, my initial intention was to post it on my Facebook page with a brief explanation of where I stand on the matter, and then I realized that this is a discussion that is worthy of a broader audience, so I decided it to publish it online for all to have access to.

Before moving forward, it is important for me to establish that I am extremely cognizant of the fact that we have a serious situation in our communities as far as the violence we are perpetuating toward one another. There are far too many instances where senseless violence is robbing our community of young black lives before they ever have the time to blossom. The truth is that we are effectively muddying the waters of our own message that black lives matter by failing to confront the issues in our own communities.

With that being said, it is immensely important to understand that we must be able to develop a lucid perspicacity of the complete dynamic at play here. The fact that there is a high rate of violence in the inner city black neighborhoods, in which blacks are slaughtering blacks is a distinctly different dynamic than that of white police officers randomly slaying our young black men. With this understood, it is important to engage these issues from different platforms and perspectives.

The first thing that we must completely destroy is the ridiculous paradigm that functions under the belief that blacks killing blacks somehow relieves white police officers from any culpability for what has become a systematic assault on young black males, and females for that matter. As the photo states, this fallible reasoning is not used in any other group, and it is clear that no other group suffers from external assault as much as blacks. The fact that there is an internal issue in black America, does not afford the right to any other group to impose its will of violence upon us. That is absolutely unacceptable.

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When I discuss this issue with others who question my approach, I make it analogous to something that the vast majority of us are able to understand. Growing up, my siblings and I fought one another from time to time, despite that it most always meant a beat down from our parents; however, I could have just had a knock down, drag out fight with my brother, but if someone else attempted to punch him, it was on. I was going to do my best to bring the pain to that person.

As I grew in maturity, I learned how to engage my differences with my brother without resorting to violence, but I will still bring the pain to anyone who attempts to hurt him. What this means is that the foolishness that is going on in the black community has to be addressed, with a vigor that is equal to the passion that is displayed when a white person violates a black life, but we must not give a pass to any external force that violates black life, simply because we are still working out our own issues. I would even argue that the external forces that are moving against us are beginning to serve as a catalyst that is driving young black brothers to take notice of their self-destructive behavior. I have read of at least four truces between rival gains in different cities as they have determined that they are tired of killing each other, and they have realized the need to stand together. What these young brothers need is strong male leadership to guide them through the process. The time for change is now.

In understanding these truths, we must awaken a passion that sees all senseless slaughter of black lives as absolutely unacceptable, and we must assign serious consequences to the taking of black lives, regardless of who the culprit may be. At the same time, we must make it lucidly clear that the encroachment of law enforcement upon our rights to live peacefully and unafraid will not be tolerated. We must then be willing to turn over any of our own who choose to take a black life to the system, because we do not yet have one of our own.

Finally, we must come to the understanding that all of this is symptomatic. We have some colossal issues that must be addressed before we can completely eliminate these symptoms. We must address the poverty issue. A collective economy through black group economics practiced vertically is essential. A change in paradigms as far as how we view material possessions is also necessary. An emphasis on ownership is vital.

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

One of the first things that is taught in the science of criminology is that one of the most powerful driving forces in the rise of the crime rate is poverty. With this being understood, we can see that there is substantial empirical and pragmatic evidence that reveals that the system has taken steps to ensure the impoverished state of black America; however, we have the power to control our own financial destiny by shifting our thinking and our spending.

The taking of a black life is unacceptable, regardless of who does it, but we cannot dilute the waters by failing to understand the difference in motive and design. We must fight both battles with equal passion. If black lives really matter, then the taking of a black life must be met with a ferocious response, regardless of who is responsible for taking the life. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

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