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Real Talk Radio Show

Real Talk with Rick and J. Rich is a radio talk show where the truth will not be compromised for the sake of approval or popularity. The show was created to address the enigmatic issues plaguing the black community — to create resolutions to these issues and to empower those who have been oppressed by a systematic white supremacist system.


“Real Talk with Rick and J. Rich” — a radio talk show in which these two men refuse to relinquish the truth for the sake of approbation and popularity.

The show is designed to create hard hitting dialogue that is designed to engage the cultural, social, financial, psychological and SPIRIUAL issues that blacks face daily.

Are you ready for real talk that leads to real action that produces real change??

Join two men that hold no punches and deliver every time.

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Listen to the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realtalklive

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