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Elgin “Big El” Bailey

Big ElElgin Bailey is a Pennsylvania-born, father, writer, community activist and radio host. Over the past 5 years he has been co-host of Real Talk Radio a apart of  the Church Folk Revolution, a long with hosting “The Forum” on cvoiceradio.com.

Elgin attended Lubbock Christian University and Liberty University, majoring in Christian Counseling. He is also an often sought after speaker, having spoken on college campuses addressing topics ranging from economics to education. Elgin has spent over 10 years working with youth in a number of different capacities, including working in juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters.

Working in those areas has fueled Elgin’s desire to focus on solutions instead of remaining captivated by the myriads of issues that are overwhelming our youth. Elgin’s ongoing mission is the freedom and empowerment of Blacks worldwide. He is currently working on several projects, establishing a book club for young black males, organizing community events, writing a book, all the while being a loving and devoted father.


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