Empowering Black America through Holistic Engagement
Black American Money (Free Download)

Black American Money (Free Download)

Black American Money Cover

Black American Money

In this book, Dr. Boyce Watkins breaks down how black power can thrive in a capitalist society. In his standard down-to-earth style, Dr. Watkins explains how capitalism works in America and why money stands in the way of true racial equality. This is a must-read for those seeking to understand the next generation in the pursuit of Civil Rights.

Have you ever wondered why African-Americans are always the poorest, less-educated race in America? In Black American Money, controversial finance scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins candidly describes the systemic racism created to keep Black Americans spoon-fed by the descendants of their oppressors. He also reveals the necessary steps African-Americans must take to thrive in a racist, capitalist society.

Many believe the next Civil Rights Movement will be one of economic empowerment. If that is true, Black American Money is the foundation on which the movement is built. Reading this book will get you started on your journey to ultimate freedom.