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Community Infusion Project ~ Black Group Economics (Phase 1)

Odyssey Consortium T-Shirt1 Community InfusionCommunity Infusion Project ~ Black Group Economics

The Odyssey Consortium is preparing to implement its Community Infusion Project. This program is designed to initiate the process of mentally preparing blacks to embrace the concept of black group economics. This will pave the way for the implementation of the our 5-step program of elevation and empowerment on a national level.

This particular process is extensive, and it encompasses a number of different methods, including digital media integration, direct interaction and leadership counseling and preparation. This means that there has to be an ongoing media campaign that will help shape and develop a new paradigm of business ownership that is associated with black pride. The focus will be on changing the way that blacks view their community, their money and ultimately themselves. It is important to understand that in order to change what we are doing, we must first change what we are thinking. This cannot be accomplished by osmosis, so it has to be achieved through consistent imagery that presents the new paradigm. The Community Infusion Project should also be viewed as a countermeasure to the negative propaganda campaigns that are being waged against blacks daily.

The “Community Infusion” campaign is designed to approach the task of creating a paradigmatic shift in cultural, academic, economic and social views in the inner city black neighborhoods across America. This is in preparation for establishing a central business infrastructure that will support black businesses in a centralized area, allowing the community to thrive in an autonomous way.

By purchasing one of the Odyssey Consortium’s Black First Initiative Community Infusion T-shirts, you will be supporting the movement while also helping to build exposure. We understand that your money is hard-earned, and we don’t take that lightly. What we promise is that every dollar will be invested in the push to elevate our people, beginning with economic empowerment through the practice of vertical black group economics. The “Community Infusion” program is the next phase in the process!

We are not sitting still and waiting on things to happen. We are making them happen! We need your help. You can purchase your shirt below.

Please note: That this initial T-shirt fundraiser will expire at Midnight on December 1, 2014. In order to keep the cost down. All orders will be printed at that time and shipped within 14 days.

Odyssey Consortium T-Shirt1 Community Infusion
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