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Teens Charged with Killing Cab Driver

Teens Charged with Killing Cab Driver

Teens Charged with Killing Cab Driver: Two teens charged with killing cab driver in Hazelwood Central parking lot.

by: Monica Ryan

Posted: Apr 26, 2022 / 05:41 AM CDT | Courtesy of Fox2Now

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 / 05:41 AM CDT

Teens Charged with Killing Cab Driver

ST. LOUIS – Two teenagers have been charged with murder after a man was found dead in Hazelwood Central High School’s parking lot.

Cab driver Dewight Price was killed at about 6:40 a.m. Sunday. Police said the two men were riding in Price’s cab when they attempted to rob him in Hazelwood Central High School’s parking lot.

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The two 18-year-olds have been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Please contact the St. Louis County Police Department at 636-529-8210 to speak with investigators if you have any information regarding this incident. To remain anonymous or potentially receive a reward, please contact CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS (8477).


As the violence continues to rise, no one seems to have any answers concerning the rapid increase in violence in the inner cities around the country. And the term inner-city usually translates into Black youth. These youth will be immediately identified as monsters and terrorists in the community; however, no one will look at the system and process that created them. For years, I have been advocating for a universal right of passage for young Black males to ensure that they are properly racially socialized. As usual, everyone is sitting around and waiting to see what the next person will do.

At some point, we will have to be accountable for our communities and the empowerment of our youth. The story cited above did not have to happen. Now we have a dead man whose family will have to cope with losing him. We have two youth whose lives are all but over. We are not going to complain about this reality away. We are not going to wish it away. And, we are definitely not going to ignore it away. We are going to have to engage this problem head-on.

More than ten years ago, I introduced the Black Men Lead rite of passage initiative to effectively socialize young Black males into Black manhood. After years of research and study, it became evident that proper socialization is one of the most effective tools we have. Unfortunately, we have received very little support over the years. The problem is that we have become so individualized as a race that we cannot understand the connectivity of what is taking place in the inner city. The problem is we are determining what type of world we are leaving for our grandchildren and their children. Right now, it is not looking good. We are going to have to take massive action to right the ship.

“They are not reaching them, and they don’t support those of us that can. This is the result.” ~ Nyota Uhura (Founder of Alt Black New/Alt Black Media)

Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative

Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative

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