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Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black Community (Part 2)

Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black Community (Part 2)

Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black Community ~ Confronting the 10-Ton Elephant in the Room!

Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black Community (Part 2)
Unpacking Dark Matter

In this second installment of Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse, we delve deeper into the force and destruction levied against sexual abuse victims and the Black collective, as a whole, when we fail to protect our women and children.

In cosmological theory, dark matter is defined as non-luminous material that exists in space. In fact, we now know that all of existing “space” is energy in one form or another, and that dark matter can be seen as the most powerful form of energy because it has not yet taken form. Everything on this planet is one form of energy having manifested its current physical form through a process called progressive metamorphosis.

Energy is impacted by energy and the most dynamic energy in the universe is thought. Our thoughts emit frequencies and these frequencies create vibrations and these vibrations move against or with other forms of energy to ultimately create what we know as reality. There is much truth in the statement “as a man thinks, so is he!

Rene Descartes said it this way: “I think therefore I am.”

In my book, Your Mind is the Genesis of Your Destiny, I go to great lengths to explain how your thoughts impact your entire existence. Your thoughts are seeds that will come to harvest in the future, but they are much more; they are also the most powerful energetic force on the planet. Why am I sharing this with you and what does it have to do with Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black community? Allow me to explain.

Incest Among Siblings and Cousins

Unpacking Dark Matter: Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black Community (Part 2)
Minors Challenging the Stigma of Incest

This is not as uncommon as many want to believe. I see this more than I want to admit in my line of work. Historically, this has been more common among other races, at least on the surface. Incest has always been an issue in the Black community, but it, until recently, has been a dirty word. When you think of incest, you tend to think of fathers and uncles molesting young girls. While that is a common dynamic, incest often occurs with siblings and cousins who are close in age — with the relationship being consensual. I get to see the fall out of this up close and personal. I have clients in their 50s and 60s still struggling with the fallout of incest. An African proverb says, “If there is no enemy within, the enemy on the outside can do us no harm.” Incest is the enemy within. It is the 10-ton elephant in the room that everyone ignores. Incest destroys lives before they start. It is time to confront the malignant tumor within the community that everyone pretends does not exist.

If your thoughts are the most powerful force in determining your future and destiny, what do you think happens to a young girl or boy who is sexually abused as a child and robbed of their innocence? What happens to their thought processes and what type of energy and frequency will those thoughts emit, and how will it impact their future and their potential to become all they were designed to be.

When we pretend that incest, molestation, and rape does not happen in Black homes at an alarming rate, we leave negative energy transformed, un-diverted, and unengaged. When we ignore the 10-ton elephant in the room we do not eliminate the reverberations that it will create for the victim and the collective as a whole.

When a young Black girl gives birth to a child that was sired by her father, she is not only giving birth to a son or daughter but to a brother or sister as well. Try to wrap your head around that for a minute. Imagine how attempting to mentally and emotionally reconcile that idea impacts her thought processes, her self-concept, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Think about the dark matter (energy that has not yet taken form) is converted into something nefarious and evil.

Dark matter represents potential, but that potential is neutral until it is moved upon by another form of energy created through a person’s thoughts. When we allow our children to be violated, the interruption of their innocence comes at an immense price — the breaking of their spiritual force or energy force — the very thing they need to be all that they were designed to be.

The failure to protect our women and children has produced a negative energy field that moves against the very idea of Black empowerment and elevation. Because when you corrupt innocence, you corrupt thought patterns, and shift paradigms — ultimately changing beliefs and expectations. Every time a child is violated, they are robbed of potential and power to make an impact on everyone and everything in their periphery.

Imagine the shift in energy we could create if Black men provided an environment of safety for our women and children. Imagine how it would impact the thought processes and beliefs. Imagine how it would impact the expectation of a generation. We have not been guarding the gates of the minds of our youth and those minds have been invaded by thoughts of failure, weakness, being a victim, and more.

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We must do a better job of guarding and protecting our youth.

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