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Rape Culture, Silent Condonation, and the Suffocation of Black Progress!

Rape Culture, Silent Condonation, and the Suffocation of Black Progress!

Rape Culture, Silent Condonation, and the Suffocation of Black Progress!

Rape Culture, Silent Condonation, and the Suffocation of Black Progress!I am no stranger to the fight to bring awareness of the presence of an unchecked rape culture that is wreaking havoc on the healing process of the Black collective. I have written volumes on the topic of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the Black home, and the graduation of the rape culture into the innermost recesses of the Black existence.

It is my assertion that as long as we continue to ignore this malignancy that is inextricably related to the cultural psychosis that underwrites our dysfunctional realities, it will continue to metastasize — spreading to every area of our existence until it literally suffocates our ability to advance ourselves.

With more than 60 percent of Black women reporting that they were, in some way, sexually abused as a child, and one in six Black males reporting the same, we cannot deny the massive impact that rape culture has had and is having on the Black collective as a whole.

In attempting to understand how rape culture has so profusely permeated the Black culture, we must be willing to anatomize the existence of rape culture within the European society. This examination of Euro-rape culture is immensely important to the development of a lucid perspicacity of the current state of the Black diaspora as it pertains to rape and other forms of sexual deviancy.

You see, rape culture and the perversion of Black intimacy is not something that is inherently associated with the Black identity. It is a social malignancy that is a result of exposure to the Eurocentric-idea. The history of Europeans reveals a long lineage of perversion and immorality. In fact, while the rape culture negatively impacts both, male and female, it is the Europeans who are the catalyst behind the devaluation of women.

African history reveals that before colonialism ravaged the continent of African, African women were held in the highest regard, respected and revered. It was the infiltration of White men who possessed a seemingly inherent hatred for the womb — physically and spiritually — that spread that hatred like the plague.

Chattel slavery was the ideal environment for the spreading of this plague of hatred and disgust — primarily for the Black woman, and it eventually evolved into an even more distorted machination of psychological and spiritual destruction involving males and females.

As more and more stories emerge surrounding the mistreatment and sexual abuse of women and men at the hands of men who hold powerful positions, we must not lose sight of the fact that a large percentage of our women and children are exposed to this type of treatment every day. And they don’t have to report to work in order to experience it. It is happening in the home.

The silent condonation is deafening as family members pretend that they don’t know that one of their loved ones is sick. Simply suggesting that everyone keep their kids from around “Uncle Robert” is not sufficient in addressing the problem. Blaming the victims is not the answer. Refusing to get the victims the help they need is not the answer. We must hold pedophiles, ephebophiles, rapists and other sexual predators accountable for their actions. We must make our homes and communities safe for our women and children.

I often speak on the importance of the restoration of the Black family nucleus, but the lack of trust that Black women have for Black men is evident and it stands as a major roadblock. We must first stop pretending that we are not aware of why Black women have issues with Black men. We must stop pretending that more than half of our women have been sexually violated as children by men who were supposed to protect them…

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