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The Power of Melanin ~ Exploring the Expanse of Black Power at a Molecular Level

The Power of Melanin ~ Exploring the Expanse of Black Power at a Molecular Level


The Power of Melanin ~ Exploring the Expanse of Black Power at a Molecular Level

The Power of Melanin


The Power of Melanin


The power of melanin is immensely underrated and completely misunderstood. There has a great deal of discussion surrounding the power and force of melanin and what role it plays in our existence. I was recently rewatching an old episode of The Black Voice, I radio show I executive produced and hosted (to be posted after this live stream), and on this particular segment, we are discussing the power of melanin and the magnitude of the power of melanin is absolutely astonishing.

Melanin is the fundamental unit of the universe and it exists in for forms: Cosmic, planetary, Plant kingdom (chlorophyll), and Animal Kingdom melanin.

The reason that melanin, in its purest form, is Black is due to the fact that its chemical structure allows no energy to escape — resulting in the capacity to become a super absorber of energy and light. Melanin can be detected in almost every organ in the human body and is necessary for brain and nerves function, eye sight and cellular reproduction.

That is not all; melanin has the ability to rearrange its chemical composition in order to absorb all forms of energy across the radiant energy spectrum, including X-rays, sunlight, music, sound, radar, radio waves and more.

The Black human has the ability to charge up their melanin store by simply being in the sun or around the right type of music sounds or other energy sources.

Melanin itself, on a purely philosophical plane, is a Black chemical/biological door through which the life force of African spirituality passes in moving from the spirit to the material realm.

You see, melanin is powerful because it controls the ability to emit energy that has the power to attract to it all forms of like energy, causing the universe to literally conspire on behalf of the person emitting the energy. Everything around you changes when you begin to emit your own frequency rather than absorb the energy of those in your periphery. When you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence, there will be no limits to what you are able to accomplish.

They know who you are, now it is time for you to know.

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