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Using Private Label Rights to Generate Revenue Online

Using Private Label Rights to Generate Revenue Online

Using Private Label Rights to Generate Revenue Online


Private Label Rights2I want to take a brief moment to share with you how you can make money online using Private Label Rights. One of my companies, Myriad Business Solutions, is contracted to write articles like the one you are about to read, minus the black first focus. The fact that I get paid to write articles like this for online entrepreneurs reveals that there is money to be made online in more ways than can be counted

I am a strong advocate of blacks developing entrepreneurial mind-set. I believe that one of the greatest impediments facing contemporary blacks is the cultural paradigm that fosters the mindset in which our youth participate in an educational system that conditions them to be employees rather than business owners. Ownership is a major element of the dynamic force that will be used to elevate and empower blacks to remove themselves from their current state or oppression.

What I am about to share with you is information that I have shared with the general public on multitudinous occasions. I have had the privilege to examine and participate in a number of online business opportunities, and what I can tell you is that there is an immense opportunity to make money online. For the most part, ecommerce functions on a sphere of anonymity — at least in the beginning. Meaning the web is one place where blacks can have equal footing. Depending on which way that you go, you may end up developing a presence in which people will learn who you are, but by then your expertise in your market will have already determined your worth.

What about All of the Hype?

There is a great deal of hype on the internet that makes all types of promises about how you can get rich through any number of online businesses. Please understand that the vast majority of this is just hype. This does not mean that wealth cannot be developed on the internet, because it most definitely can. It just means that it is definitely not as easy as most will make it seem. You have to understand that the vast majority of online marketers and entrepreneurs make their money off of selling dreams to aspiring marketers. The key is to be able to learn what you can with as little money invested as possible.

As far as I am concerned, I took the long hard road. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on systems that promised to deliver the moon and stars, I research them and learned through trial and error. It took me some time to get to where I am today; however, all of my online endeavors have produced profitable results. This is because I found ways to get in with a minimal investment.

The Power of Social Media and the Internet

What my experience in internet marketing and eCommerce does is afford me the opportunity to share some things with you that will allow you to take advantage of some of the opportunities available online. The internet presents business opportunities with almost limitless revenue generating potential. The World Wide Web has the capacity to place you in front of thousands of people with the click of a button. Of course it is not that simple, there are certain steps you must take, but it is well within your capabilities.

The vast majority of you that are reading the article are doing so because you came across the link through one of several social media platforms, which means you more than likely have a base already in place to begin the building process for your online business. The problem with the vast majority of blacks is that they don’t understand the power of social media or the web in general. While the vast majority of blacks see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more as a social hangout, corporations are using these platforms as powerful customer engagement and marketing tools. With the type of reach that the internet provides, we should be doing far more than what we are doing.

Generating Revenue with PLR Products

Before telling you how to use PLR products to generate revenue online, I will give you a brief explanation of what PLR products are. PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights are basically where an author of a product or intellectual property sales the rights to that property so that others can use it to make money. This could be in the form of written content, audio CDs or video DVDs — just for starters. Basically, a marketer will create informational products for the purpose of selling them to other marketers. It is actually a good way to earn money. At some point, it may be worth it for you to create your own products to sell to other marketers. Online marketers are easier to sale because they are looking for products.

Build Profitable Email Lists!

When a marketer buys Private Label Rights — also known as white label rights or resale rights — those rights can vary. Some label rights contracts will allow attribution and resale rights, meaning that the purchaser can put their name on the product as if they created it, and they have the right to resell it at a price of their choosing. Full rights would also include modification. Meaning that the purchaser has the right to modify the product how they see fit. I recommend buying full rights.

Creating Quality Products for PLR Material

PLR has received a bad rap, because many people have met challenges while attempting to make money with PLR products. The truth is that it is not the PLR industry that is the issue, it is the quality of the PLR products that are for sale. Honestly, the vast majority of PLR products are of subpar quality. The written content is riddled with grammatical errors and poor spelling. A lot of this is because the products were created by someone who does not have English as their first language. The key is to understand that just because the presentation is shabby does not mean that the product does not have worth. This is why I recommend purchasing full PLR rights, so that you can make modifications that will enhance the quality as well as put your own personal touch to what you will be selling.

PLR Stripped Bare

PLR Stripped Bare is a product that is a derivative of the information product that I used years ago to learn the ins and outs of PLR marketing. It will provide you with valuable insight into the best methods to use to profit from PLR products.

With PLR Stripped Bare will discover:

  • What you will need to check first when you first get your PLR product and determine that is has the potential to be a winner.
  • How to choose PLR products that are winners.
  • The massive mistakes that will cost you time.
  • The things to look out for when it comes to video PLR content.

This informational program has been called the Holy Grail of PLR Success. This simple four-step process has been proven to be highly successful. PLR Stripped Bare is the top selling PLR training program in the world.

The program also comes with a number of bonuses, including an actual Newbie University that will train you how to build successful PLR campaigns in a very short period of time. You will also get your first PLR product as part of the training package, meaning that you can be well on your way.

There is also a 42-page guide that reveals everything you will need to know about outsourcing all the work that needs to be done at a fraction of the cost. Personally, when I initially started, I did all the work myself in order to keep my costs down.

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

Most importantly, the program comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Am I saying that you will get rich by buying this course? Absolutely not! I learned a long time ago not to make promises concerning issues that I did not have absolute control over. How successful you will be in using this program or in any online endeavor will depend on your work ethic and discipline. With the perseverance and hard work, profitable results are inevitable. This is one way that blacks can begin to create their own businesses without a lot of startup capital. In some instances, you may be able to crank up a business for under $100.00. This is one of them.

The end result is up to you! ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

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