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How Far are You Willing to Go?

How Far are You Willing to Go?

How Far are You Willing to Go?

B1 Odyssey Project COO, Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

COO of the B1 Odyssey Project, Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D., talks about the need for perseverance and fortitude for the purpose of accomplishing the complete elevation of blacks in America.

There is a great deal of talk concerning the current plight of blacks in America. The murmurs of discontent in black neighborhoods are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Social media has exploded with posts and threads that express the disquietude of blacks in America. The problem is that although many are uncomfortable and unhappy, very few are actually truly committed to the elevation of blacks. Elevation has to be more than just talk. It has to become a mindset; a passion that drives blacks collectively toward the desired result.

The time is up for complaining and whining about injustice and the lack of opportunity. It is time to rise up and take control of our own destiny.

Dr. Wallace does not pull any punches in this video. He points to the victory that is achievable, but only through unity.

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