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Whoops? ‘Witness’ Who Called Police In Ohio Walmart Shooting Completely Changes Story

Whoops? ‘Witness’ Who Called Police In Ohio Walmart Shooting Completely Changes Story

Whoops? ‘Witness’ Who Called Police In Ohio Walmart Shooting Completely Changes Story

AUTHOR:  Courtesy of Addicting Info

Ronald Ritchie

Ronald Ritchie was so worried about John Crawford III, a black man, walking around with a gun in an Ohio Walmart, he called 911. Supposedly, this scary black man was pointing the gun at people, including children and something needed to be done!

And something was done, indeed. The police charged in and, in the span of a few seconds, shot and killed Crawford who not only ignored police instructions but “looked like he was going to go violently.” With a BB gun.

Another threat to the public’s safety dealt with by our brave boys in blue!

Except it turns out that Walmart has cameras all over the place and they show that not only did Crawford have the “gun” in a completely nonthreatening position when the cops summarily executed him but that for the several minutes leading up to the uncalled for shooting, Crawford did nothing more than wander around the store like any other shopper. In fact, at one point, he stopped moving:

“He didn’t move,” said his father, John Crawford II. “He was stood so still, in fact, we thought the track had actually stopped. I asked the technician ‘what’s going on?’ and he said ‘Well, the reel is still running, Mr. Crawford, look at the time.’”

Yup, looks like a truly dangerous fellow was on the loose.

Ritchie’s after the fact rationalizations are falling short as well:

“Even still, it’s a gun in Walmart, in a public place, inducing panic,” Ritchie said.

Ritchie maintains that Crawford was using the barrel of the BB rifle to move items around on the shelf until police arrived at 8:26 p.m. – five minutes after Ritchie called 911.

Poking items on a shelf is almost exactly the same as menacing people with a gun, right? Right?!

It’s important to take note that Ritchie changed his storyt after seeing the video and realizing that his claims that Crawford was pointing the gun at people didn’t hold water. Sooner or later, this video is going to be released to the public and unless it shows Crawford shouldering the rifle or waving it people’s direction with any kind of intent (which it apparently does not), Ritchie needs to be charged with at least manslaughter. He gave the cops exaggerated information based on what I can only assume is a fear of black people. How else can you explain turning a man playing with a toy gun into a dangerous threat to the public that the police were “forced” put down like an animal?

This, by the way, is why black people constantly protest their treatment at the hands of the police. Blacks are immediately viewed as more “dangerous” than whites in identical situations. This leads to more harassment, more arrests, more convictions and certainly more shootings. Just don’t tell that to the conservatives on the Supreme Court. Racism in America is dead, remember?

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Update: Since this story was originally released, the witness has recanted on his claim that John Crawford was waving the gun in a threatening manner. The video also confirms that Crawford was not a threat and was in the process of laying the gun down when he was shot by police.

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