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What Will it Take?

What Will it Take?   Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. is a champion of the cause of black men reclaiming their positions as leaders, protectors, providers, and coverings for their families and others. He believes that although women, as a whole, have adapted to the fact that men — in some…

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The Concept of Commitment!

The Concept of Commitment! Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. speaks on the concept of commitment. He explains why so many people never experience success despite being graciously gifted. Learn How to Live Life at the Next Level! Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. is a champion of the cause of black men reclaiming…

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What is the End Game?

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. addresses the current situation in Ferguson and St. Louis as tension continues to build behind the slayings of two black teenage boys. Dr. Wallace talks about the importance of having an end game in mind when taking any action associated with the current situation. The question…

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A Call to Black Men

Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. Makes a call to black men to step up and step out. He places great emphasis on the fact that too many of our men are sitting in the background, leaving our women exposed. He takes time to speak to women as well, making sure that…

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How Far are You Willing to Go?

How Far are You Willing to Go? COO of the B1 Odyssey Project, Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D., talks about the need for perseverance and fortitude for the purpose of accomplishing the complete elevation of blacks in America. There is a great deal of talk concerning the current plight of blacks…

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The Cry of a Black Nation

The Cry of a Black Nation   As a race, blacks have come to a crossroads — a place in time in which a decision must be made. In a nation, such as America, where millions of immigrants fight to find refuge so that they may pursue dreams associated with…

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