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Father Facetimed Ex While Killing Their Daughter

Father Facetimed Ex While Killing Their Daughter

Father Facetimed Ex While Killing Their Daughter | Who is Kairsten Watson, and what has she said about the death of her daughter Zevaya Marie?

By Summer Raemason,1 day ago | Courtesy of ABC13 & The US Sun
Father Facetimed Ex While Killing Their Daughter

Why Racial Socialization Is So Vital for Black Males!

I recently published a short writeup entitled The Importance of Racial Socialization for Black Boys, pointing out the necessity to effectively racially socialize young Black males. It is stories like this one, where 2-year-old Zevaya Marie lost her life at the hands of her own father, that emphasize the fact that something is wrong. Intimate partner violence is the second leading cause of death among black females 15-44. And while that should be alarming, what is equally alarming, if not more, is the rate at which Black males harm Black children out of emotional eruptions. I have studied African American adolescent and young adult male violence for over two decades, and I have gone to great lengths to disseminate my findings. Proper racial socialization is the most effective tool in mitigating violence among Black males. This is why I created the Black Men Lead rite of passage initiative to help socialize Black boys in the inner city.

We cannot continue to sweep these atrocities under the rug, pretending they are anomalies or obscure phenomena. This behavior and the subsequent negative outcomes are far too common to be dismissed. Blacks must organize and create solutions to address this issue head-on. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

A HEARTBROKEN mum has alleged the father of her child Facetimed her while he killed their two-year-old daughter.

Kairsten Watson has spoken out after the death of Zevaya Marie and claimed she had to watch her toddler being “choked” and “hit” by dad Deontray Flanagan.

Father Facetimed Ex While Killing Their Daughter
Kairsten Watson claimed the father of her child Facetimed her while he made her watch him hurt their daughter Credit: Fox 26

Who is Kairsten Watson?

Kairsten Watson, who lives in Harris County, Houston, Texas, has given interviews about the death of her two-year-old Zevaya Marie.

The Walmart employee was at work when she claimed the toddler’s father killed the little girl and Facetimed her while he hurt the toddler.

Speaking to Fox 26 Houston, she said: “Her face was just covered in blood.

“He hit her with something really hard, then called me on Facetime and showed me. He choked her on Facetime.

“His exact words were you only love that man; you did this to her,” she added.

Kairsten has also told ABC13 about her version of events and alleged: “She was on his lap, and she was gasping for air, and he had his arm around her neck squeezing tighter.”

Gilbert Sawtelle, with the child fatality section of the DA’s office, said: “It’s a horrible case. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, every mother’s worst nightmare, in this case, Ms. Watson.”

What happened to Kairsten Watson’s daughter?

Authorities have reported the toddler was picked up from daycare by her father, Deontray Flanagan, on the morning of March 20, 2023, at around 10 am.

The 25-year-old took Zevaya Marie into a Walmart store where Kairsten worked in North Harris County, Houston, Texas.

He hit the mother several times in the face before stealing her phone, according to reports.

Attending officers claimed the father threatened to harm his daughter if Kairsten did not do as he asked.

The heartbroken mother told Fox 26 Houston: “He just wanted my phone.

“He’s screaming at me, telling me what the passcode is, tell me the passcode, or she’s going to get hurt; and I’m telling him the passcode over and over, but I guess it just wasn’t enough.”

Flanagan took the two-year-old with him on a 30-mile chase while law enforcement tried to pull over his vehicle.

Eventually, he stopped after crashing into some cars and was taken into custody.

Tragically, Zevaya Marie needed CPR at the scene and later passed away in the hospital.

It has been reported in charging documents that Flanagan hit the two-year-old with and against a blunt object and choked her.

The 25-year-old has been charged with murder, and a judge set his bond at $2 million.

Zevaya Marie was two-years-old when she tragically died after being taken by her father Credit: KHOU

What has she said about the death of her daughter Zevaya Marie?

In a heartbroken tribute, Kairsten said: “She was just such a happy baby, and I just know she’s at peace.”

The mother also claimed she called the police three times about her daughter’s father in the week before her death.

As reported by Fox 26 Houston, she alleged the first time she contacted law enforcement was when Flanagan took Zevaya out of the bathtub and left the house.

According to the mother, the 25-year-old did not dress the child before leaving and did not return with her until 11 am the next day.

Zevaya’s grandfather, Curtis Watson, has also spoken out since the tragedy.

Watson said: “I wonder how many other Zevayas are around the world right now that are having the same problem in this city, in this state, we have to help one another.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said they are conducting an investigation to find out if policies and procedures were followed.

In a statement, they said: “The investigation will include a thorough review of the timeline, camera footage, dispatch communications, and radio traffic.

“Both HCSO and the Houston Police Department responded to the scene.

“Both agencies coordinate regularly, and this review is being conducted to assess all actions taken and to improve future collaboration.”

She told ABC13. “She was probably just thinking, ‘Why?’ Like, ‘Dad, what did I do?’

“And she didn’t do anything. She didn’t do anything but love him and be a joy to the world, and he’s just an evil person.”

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