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Woman Charged With Killing Texas Bull Rider

Woman Charged With Killing Texas Bull Rider

Woman charged with killing Texas bull rider during jealous rage, police say

Police: Lashawn Bagley, 22, shot Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen, 27, until she ran out of bullets

Woman Charged With Killing Texas Bull Rider ~ Lashawn Bagley has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Demetrius Allen.
Woman Charged With Killing Texas Bull Rider ~ Lashawn Bagley has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Demetrius Allen. (KPRC)

Woman Charged With Killing Texas Bull Rider ~ A woman has been arrested in Houston months after fatally shooting a popular Texas bull rider in Utah whom she accused of flirting with a friend, according to Salt Lake City police.

Lashawn Bagley, 22, has been charged with murder following the shooting of Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen, 27, at her apartment on Sept. 12, police said.

Allen, who went by his bull rider name of “Ouncie Mitchell,” was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Police said that Bagley was the person who called 911 at the time of the incident. During the call, the 911 operator heard loud noises and asked Bagley about them.

Bagley then said “I’m shooting” and said she was out of bullets, police said.

Officers responded to the scene and took Bagley into custody for suspicion of murder. However, she was released because “detectives needed to conduct additional investigative follow-up on the case,” police said.

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Bagley left Salt Lake City while police conducted the investigation but officers later obtained a warrant for her arrest.

She was later found and arrested in Houston, Salt Lake City police announced on Saturday. She was also charged with nine counts of discharge of a firearm.

Bagley and Allen had previously been in an on-and-off relationship and he was staying at her apartment while in Utah for a state fair, police said.

After attending the fair they went to a club, according to court documents obtained by KPRC, KSAT’s sister station in Houston.

There, Bagley saw Allen flirting with a friend, the documents state. The friend told police that Bagley “freaked out” and then “stormed off.”

Allen told the friend that he was going to “cool off for a minute” and go to Bagley’s apartment to pick up some items and rodeo equipment, according to the documents. Those items were worth about $10,000.

Police said that as Bagley drove away from the bar, she nearly struck Allen with her car.

“The [expletive] tried to hit me with the car. She(s) crazy as hell,” Allen reportedly told the friend.

He took a Lyft to her apartment, where Bagley shot him through a doorway, police said.

During an interview after the shooting, Bagley showed signs of intoxication and said, “Is Demetrius Mitchell OK? Did I hurt him?” and “If I hurt him, I’m going to be so f*** up.”

Her blood-alcohol content level was 0.08.

KPRC reported that Allen was from Fort Bend County and was about to participate in his first ride at RodeoHouston.

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