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Black Youth Are Being Targeted and Our Reponse Must Be Decisive & Radical

Black Youth Are Being Targeted and Our Reponse Must Be Decisive & Radical

Black Youth Are Being Targeted

Black Youth Are Being Targeted | Our response must be decisive & radical!

Okay, I need five people willing to make a one-time donation of $500. Yes, I know $500 is not pocket change, but we are at a crossroads, and our boys are being targeted more now than ever. Subsequently, our boys are targeting one another and our daughters at alarming rates. I have gone far deeper into my pockets because I believe in the work and believe that the lives of each of these youth matter.

To expect Black youth to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of machinations aimed at them is foolish. They need us to cover them and prepare them. We must raise the level of our engagement and be radical in our intent to protect them.

My programs are proven effective tools to mitigate violence, dropout rates, incarceration, and more. The truth is no one is going to do it but us.

If you cannot donate $500, I ask that you donate what you can. If you can donate $500, your support is desperately needed. Everyone who donates $500 will receive a special thank you plaque from all of us at The Odyssey Project. 

Click here to donate ==> https://thevisioneticsinstitute.com/black-men-lead-rite-of-passage-initiative.

I often say that Blacks are the most comfortable uncomfortable people on the planet. We love to complain, but we are not tired of being outraged at a level that drives us to take action. It is as if we are convinced that complaining will somehow move people in our favor. We have no friends. No one else is responsible for us but us.

We have been losing our boys at an astronomical rate. The education system targets them. The absence of proper modeling leads to inadequate socialization. The sum of all this is hyper-violence, antisocial behavior, an inability to create and sustain family life, and more.

I have been writing, lecturing, and teaching on this for over two decades. When one of these young males does something vile and devastating, we are quick to talk about how horrible it is but lack the action to positively impact the current situation.

My research into African American adolescent and young adult male violence led me to a greater understanding of the intensive influence of proper racial socialization of Black boys. When Black boys are properly socialized, they are less inclined to commit violence, are less likely to drop out of high school (reducing the risk of incarceration), and are more family oriented.

These findings led me to create Black Men Lead, a rite of passage initiative designed to account for the 1.5 million missing Black men to racially socialize at-risk Black males. The program has been highly successful when applied. However, support for the program has been scarce.

I am challenging you to support our work through this program. We thank you in advance!

Click the link to support Black Men Lead! https://thevisioneticsinstitute.com/black-men-lead-rite-of-passage-initiative 

Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative

Black Men Lead Rite of Passage Initiative

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The Odyssey Project

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