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A House Divided

A House Divided

A House Divided: A Series on Marriage & Family by Dr. Rick Wallace

A House Divided

A House Divided ~ A person I consider a friend, a spiritual confidant, and a warrior I would gladly stand alongside in battle, recently talked to me about the alters of marriage breakers. This person explained that regardless of whether a person is pursuing good or evil, they are raising alters and every alter has to have a sacrifice. Some are sacrificing the emotion of unforgiveness, bitterness, greed, and all sorts of negative energy. Others are sacrifices patience, hope, kindness, love, and more.

The theme was that we are waging wars not only against what we can see but the erected altars of those who oppose us, knowingly or unwittingly. If you are going to win in these types of battles, there is one myth that you must immediately dispel — the one who is right always wins. The lives of righteous people are destroyed daily. Businesses that provide services to empower people fold, anointed marriages are overwhelmed and taken under, and kids with promise are swept away by the street and senseless violence. So, what you have to understand is that the strongest alter wins.

In the upcoming series, A House Divided, I am going to be speaking to the movement of the enemy to destroy the foundational institutions set up by God — the marriage and the family.
One thing I had to learn the hard way is that having a strong knowledge of how something works will not make you immune to attacks in that area. In fact, the enemy will attempt to discredit and obscure the force of your anointed purpose by attacking your area of strength through an instrument of weakness. I will offer more on this later in the series (video).

Any time you lean into your potential to do something exceptional on behalf of God, the enemy mounts a counterattack to distract, and in the case of marriages and families, the goal is to distract and divide. The enemy understands that division is the beginning of destruction.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Matt. 12:22-28, condensed and paraphrased)

The context of the referenced scripture is dichotomous in meaning. First, there is the clear message that any kingdom, union, family, marriage, etc. that succumbs to “division” will fall without the restoration of unity. The second message is that your acts will reveal your house. You cannot produce what is of God and be of darkness. You may be able to create illusions, but the purity of your efforts will be unveiled.

Allow me to elucidate my position here. There has been a constant push to remove men/fathers/husbands from the home. There is a clear reason why this is happening. A wealth of empirical evidence connects as much as 90 percent of social ills to the absence of a husband and father in the home.

It appears obvious by way of experiential observation and spiritual teachings that the man is not at the top of the family, but rests at the bottom as the foundation on which God’s purpose is built. He provides the safety and security for his wife to expand and explore her spiritual gifts and pursue her vision, which should align with his. He provides a source of identity and value for his children.

The spirit of division should not be underestimated and being right is not a formidable weapon. Your alter has to be stronger than the alter that is moving against your family. My great-grandmother used to say that everything that glitters ain’t gold. Be careful of shinny things emerging from dark places. Remember even Jesus was tempted by the enemy on the mountain. You are not fighting against a rookie.

Remember, “division” is the beginning of “destruction.”

Guard the gates with all diligence.

More to come!

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