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The Black Family & Black Wealth

The Black Family & Black Wealth

The importance of understanding the connection between the Black family & Black Wealth

Black Family & Black Wealth

The importance of the Black family & Black wealth. Definitely during the research phase for my latest book Chasing the Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth (https://bit.ly/2WAmUFBBlackWealthProject), and now as I am in the writing process, I have been reminded of the immense importance of the family nucleus in our quest to escape poverty.

People ask me why am so passionate about the restoration of the Black family, and on one end the answer is simple and on the other hand, the dynamic is quite complex.

A part of the slavery experience for Blacks in America was the stripping away of our heritage — our values, interests, and principles (VIPs). We were taught to value what our masters valued and seek the better interest of our masters. The Black family is the institution through which we reclaim our own values, interests, and principles.

The Black family is the initial manifestation of the Black marriage — with the goal being the inculcation of our held VIPs into the psyche of our progeny. When the Black family is intact, there is both feminine and masculine energy synched together to create synergy — a force that multiplies our individual capacity — creating the ability to accomplish more together than we can alone.

When the family is whole, the man is respected, encouraged, and inspired. The woman is covered (physically, spiritually, and emotionally). And, the children become empowered through a validated identity — a self-certified self-concept that emboldens them to become the best version of themselves.

However, when the family nucleus is ruptured, the identity of the children becomes fractured and unsure of itself. Children begin to seek confirmation from outside sources, many of which do not share the same VIPs as we do. This is the beginning of self-hatred — the yearning to become something they are not for the sake of being accepted.
Building wealth is about capacity, and broken children emerging from broken homes almost always lack the capacity to effectively follow the protocol for building generational wealth, which not only positions them for success but ensures that their offspring will have an economic foundation on which to stand.

We must fight to restore what has been stolen and sacrificed. We must acknowledge the value of marriage and the family nucleus. By writing this book, I hope to challenge us to look deeper into the caverns of our dysfunction to recognize the key to our liberation.

Building wealth requires more than just establishing revenue sources; it requires I clear vision and purpose that is anchored in a powerful self-concept. If you want to learn more about the content of my 25th book, check out the paralleling series: The Black Wealth Series on my YouTube Channel — The Black Voice ==> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6wmvicttRRpeqlpBx2Faw
~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Chasing the Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth

~ Introducing The Black Wealth Project

Blacks are consistently ranked last in every statistical category associated with socioeconomics and wealth accumulation. The question is what are we going to do about it and when do we plan on getting started? As I write my 25th book Chasing the Ghost: The Quest for Black Wealth, I am constantly reminded of the hurdles that my people face as we attempt to accumulate true wealth. From the Black Codes to Gentrification, we have been at war for our very survival since 1865.

Our path to wealth does not look like anyone else’s. We must first understand this truth and then act accordingly.

I have added a unique element to this book project. I am offering readers the opportunity to sponsor space in the book to pay tribute to someone who has made an impact in their lives.

To sponsor space in this new book where you can pay tribute to or memorialize someone you love, respect, or owe gratitude, click the sponsor link below. Once you complete the sponsorship transaction, you will be contacted so that you can submit the entry for your tribute.


Bronze: $25 and below

Silver: $26 – $50

Gold: $51 – $75

Platinum: $76 and above

Also, Platinum sponsorships of $100 or more will have their memorials printed on a personal page. In other words, they will not share their page. Platinum sponsorships of $250 or more will be able to submit an image with their memorial.

Sponsor Space in Dr. Wallace’s 25th Book to Celebrate, Memorialize, or Pay Tribute to the Person Who has made a difference in your life!

Building Black Generational Wealth

Building Black Generational Wealth

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