Florida Landlord Mandates Tenants Be Vaccinated

Florida Landlord Mandates Tenants Be Vaccinated: The Owner of multiple residential properties has said he will evict tenants who do not get vaccinated.

Landlord Mandates Tenants Be Vaccinated

A Florida landlord Mandates tenants be vaccinated or face eviction. This would be funny if it were not so pitiful. This story comes on the heels of a COVID breakout on a Cruise ship from Galveston to Belize, where one elderly woman died. What is important to note about this outbreak is that everyone had to be tested two days prior to boarding and everyone had to show proof of vaccination. A total of 28 people on board tested positive for the virus, and one died — all were fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, the current vaccine was designed to combat the original strain, which is virtually non-existent now. This fact is why the talk of boosters has peaked. The delta nor lambda variant does not respond to the current vaccines at all, while there is plenty of evidence that the vaccine is likely the cause of the mutations in the first place.

Let’s see, the COVID breakout in Barnstable, MA, where at least 469 people contracted the virus in a concentrated area over a brief period, sheds more light on this enigma. Out of that 469, 74 percent were fully vaccinated, and out of those hospitalized, 80 percent were vaccinated.

Watch Dr. Christina Parks testimony before the Michigan Legislature

None of this should be surprising since all three manufacturers of the vaccines in use printed very lucid disclaimers stating that the vaccine would not stop anyone from becoming infected, nor would it stop anyone from spreading the infection. The primary function of the vaccine was to attenuate the severity of the symptoms, reducing hospitalizations and deaths. All of the existing data seems to be pointing to the fact that the desired results have not been reached.

In the UK, infections among unvaccinated patients dropped by 22 percent, while infections among the vaccinated increased by 40 percent. All of this is verifiable.

I am not here to tell anyone what they should do in this instance. I am suggesting that we are navigating a very slippery slope when mandating that people inject themselves with a substance that has no long-term data to reveal what will happen to the vaccinated five or ten years from now.

I would suggest researching “codon optimization” a process used by these manufacturers to boost protein generation when the shot is injected. One of the problems with creating viral vaccines is the naturally slow generation of proteins. Codon optimization alters the genetic information coded into the virus (remember, the vaccine is a version of the virus [supposedly inactive]). One problem with codon optimization is that it bypasses natural processes. There is a reason why the initial genetic sequence is designed to move slowly. The science surrounding “codon optimization” points to many potential risks and long-term health issues, especially associated with the heart and lungs.

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All of this to combat a virus that 99 percent of people who contracted it survived.

I believe that if the landlord is allowed to mandate the shot, he/she should remain financially liable to the tenants for any long-term effect. This should remain true for any entity that mandates vaccines.

Something else worth noting here is the fact that Pfizer, the one manufacturer that has received full approval from the FDA, was fined a total of $2.3 billion by the U.S. Justice Department in 2009. This fine was levied as part of a civil and criminal settlement for fraud that involved marketing Bextra and other medications for intended uses that the FDA expressly declined to approve because they were unsafe. To date, this is the largest settlement for fraud in the history of the Department of Justice.

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