Studies Show Education Isn’t A Racial Equalizer

Studies Show Education Isn’t A Racial Equalizer ~ Blacks get a far lower return on their graduation than Whites!

by Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D. | Courtesy of Odyssey Media & The Odyssey Project

Studies Show Education Isn't A Racial Equalizer

Studies Show Education Isn’t A Racial Equalizer. More Blacks, especially Black women are attending and completing college studies. “But obtaining a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough for a black or Hispanic person to escape the racial wealth gap. The return on investment in college is much higher for whites than for blacks and Hispanics: A white family at the median sees a return of $55,869 from completing a four-year degree. A black family sees $4,846 and a Hispanic family $4,191.

Contributing factors to this disparity are the higher debt students of color may need to take on to attend college and discrimination in the workplace. “Even if you graduate from college, as a black college graduate, you’re faced with discrimination. So you might have done everything right, achieved the skills you need to succeed, but you won’t see a higher return. The other issue with education is that black college graduates come out with higher debt levels, so they start behind in terms of asset” ~ Forbes Magazine.

Studies Show Education Isn't A Racial Equalizer

The ROI on college education in just one area where you find significant disparities. I don’t suggest that all of the influencers are systematic; however, the intersectionality of social, political, a financial influencers identity multitudinous influencers that must be labeled as systematic and institutional.

The great Neely Fuller Jr once said, “If you don’t understand white supremacy/racism, everything that you do understand will only confuse you.” Most people confuse racism with bigotry/hatred. Racism has nothing to do with whether someone likes you or not. It is about the strategized mechanisms and machinations set in place to favor one group over another group. It is about implementing policies and laws that negatively impact one group while serving the interest of another.

Studies Show Education Isn't A Racial Equalizer

Racism has nothing to with rather the disadvantaged group can overcome their disadvantage (that is an internal reality that may mitigate the force of racism, but it does not negate its existence) or not.

In addition to the disparities revealed in the attached graphs, I also shared the disparities associated with how Blacks are assessed higher property taxes than Whites for comparable homes. To read the article click here ==>

I do not identify these disparities to excuse our position and place in society. On the contrary, I present them as places to start building strategies through the use of think tanks to overcome them.

Studies Show Education Isn't A Racial Equalizer

For more resources and strategies, check out the Black Empowerment Blueprint 1.0. It is time for Black minds to unite. No matter how many Black conservative scholars and social mouthpieces they present to announce that racism is a myth, their policies, laws, and practices say something completely different.

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Studies Show Education Isn't A Racial Equalizer
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When observing quantitative data, there is a principle known as statistical significance. Statistical significance is a number, percentage, or rate that is substantial enough not to be contributed to chance or coincidence. The rate of poverty in the Black community is statistically significant — especially when considering how hard most Blacks work. The high incarceration rate is statistically significant. The racial wealth gap is statistically significant. The high dropout rate of Black males is statistically significant. The disproportionately at which Black males get referred for special education assessments is statistically significant. The low return on home investments for Blacks is statistically significant. The low ROI on college graduations for Blacks is statistically significant.

Here is the thing about statistical significance; it requires an explanation that can be proven under the scrutiny of scientific observation. It is time for the next wave of Black minds to step up to the plate to confront these enigmatic issues.

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