COVID-19: The Balance Between Acceptance and Paranoia

COVID-19: The Balance Between Acceptance and Paranoia

COVID-19: The Balance Between Acceptance and Paranoia ~ Dr. Rick Wallace examines the need for balance in protecting ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining calm and order.

We are being challenged to expand our capacity to think critically — without the influence of emotion or bias. There seems to be a notion that questioning the validity of how facts are being reported by mainstream media concerning COVID-19 somehow equates to insensitivity concerning the victims or marginalization of the threat posed by COVID-19.

It is as if the idea that the virus could be real and there could still be virulent (pun intended) machinations at play is beyond the grasp of the masses. Look, you can be aware of and protect yourself from COVID-19 (which you should) and also question the inconsistencies and lack of scientific confirmation on a grand scale, and this can be done simultaneously.

Not to question the current situation would be irresponsible! …especially considering the history of this nation and the world in general. You would swear that the supposed leaders have never lied to the people to push what they consider to be a greater agenda. You would think that this nation has never sacrificed its own citizens to push a global agenda.

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While presenting conspiracy theorists as unreasonable or even crazy, they fail to acknowledge that these same theorists were birthed from a series of actual conspiracies.

My family and I are following all of the precautions to protect everyone in the household. With that being said, this nation’s history and the fact that the math just does not add up has to be addressed. You know that there can be a real virus and people dying and there still be a conspiracy, right?

I see a lot of people doing stupid stuff that puts them and anyone they come in contact with at risk. None of them are looking for any type of justification to do the stupid stuff their doing. They are just doing it. It is not the irresponsible that are pushing these theories — ignorance does not need and excuse to do ignorant shit! The theorists, although often overzealous and misinformed, are not driven by ignorance but distrust. Anyone who does not harbor distrust for someone or something that has caused them constant and consistent harm in the past is a fool.

Here is what I can tell you. One can be prepared and vigilant without being fearful or in a state of panic. Panic creates chaos, and chaos creates hysteria. Plus, the human brain (prefrontal cortex/controls the executive function) does not work well in fear and panic. In fact, it shuts down and surrenders the reigns of behavior to the sympathetic nervous system which is impulsive and does not rely on rational reasoning.

My suggestions have been to protect yourselves but don’t succumb to the fearmongering.

Finally, the variance in what is being projected and what is actually being experienced is so statistically significant that it should be questioned. The basis of scientific reasoning is statistical significance — the point at which coincidence and micro-variation can no longer explain the outcome. Science demands that any outcome or effect that achieves statistical significance be questioned.

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