Gayle King and All Black Gatekeepers for White Supremacy Must Be Held Accountable

Gayle King and All Black Gatekeepers for White Supremacy Must Be Held Accountable ~ The Misleadership Class Must Go!

Gayle King and All Black Gatekeepers for White Supremacy Must Be Held Accountable

Black Gatekeepers for White Supremacy Must Be Held Accountable. I have gone to great lengths to uplift Black women and I have challenged all Black men I have come in contact with to handle our women with care. The first principle of practice at Black Men Lead is: A Black man never harms, mistreats, or disrespects a Black woman of any age. And, while I have made it very clear that I am displeased with Gayle King’s actions, I have not called her out of her name, nor have I threatened or encouraged others to threaten her safety.


With that being said, my regard for the Black woman does not afford Black women cover to take aim at the very men I am attempting to encourage to do right by them. Being a Black woman can never be a shield for anti-Black behavior.

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Black women, allow me to elucidate my position here. If you want the protection, love, and covering of the Black men, you cannot be used by the system to break, destroy, denigrate, or marginalize his value. As with every Black man, the Black woman must be held accountable for her actions within the Black collective. This is so much bigger than Gayle and Kobe and I have been saying this long before Kobe’s passing.

The system has used Black faces for years to destroy the image and reputation of prominent and influential Black men. DuBois was used to take down Garvey. Black men were used to take down Malcolm and King.

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Gayle King and All Black Gatekeepers for White Supremacy Must Be Held Accountable
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If we are observant, the Gatekeepers are easy to identify. Their primary social affiliation will be with those who oppose progressive movements by Blacks as a whole. They will talk a good game, but their money speaks an entirely different vernacular.

Any Black billionaire has the money, power, and connections to significantly narrow the wealth gap by simply putting financial institutions in the Black community to fund Black businesses, Black private schools, and the revitalization of Black communities without gentrification. Just one Black billionaire can do this.

Paying tuition, giving free lectures, paying off layaways will not have any lasting impact because none of these actions empower. We have proven that the issue is not an achievement gap but an opportunity gap, and just one Black billionaire can put a major dent in that gap.

Yet, what the vast majority of the Black elites do is encourage you to live vicariously through them. To experience life through their success, which actually comes at your expense. They have been given a seat at the table by those who truly control the table for the sole purpose of ensuring that you never seriously consider building your own table.

They throw what amounts to scraps from the table to give the illusion of helping when they know exactly what they can do to completely change the trajectory of our people.

Most of these elites are a part of the misleadership class — buffers between the disenfranchised and the elite.

Blacks who have the ability to lead and are committed to changing the Black condition don’t live long. They put a bad taste in the mouth of the establishment. They refuse to be compliant with policies that harm our people. They rarely get a massive platform on which to stand and speak on our behalf. They are often censored and maligned by the mainstream.

One simple litmus test to determine if you are dealing with false leaderships and the misleadership class is to watch how the mainstream White media treats them. Look at their track record. Oprah has been catering to middle-class White women for more than 30 years now.

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to react based on biases that are false. The truth is there are Black men who responded solely because this was a Black woman attacking a Black man and they have been led to believe that the Black woman does trust or care about them. In the same way, there are Black women responding based solely on the fact that Black men are coming after a Black woman. We have been trained to hate each other and it is used to constantly misdirect energy any time we seem as if we are about to unify on any topic.

Finally, notice that every Black notable that has come to the defense of Gayle has a questionable history with dealing with our people, our elders, and our ancestors. Susan Rice has never done anything for Blacks and her allegiance is to her White Canadian-born husband. Marc Lamont Hill was the one who attacked Dr. Welsing immediately after her death because of her stance on homosexuality in the Black community. Michael Eric Dyson is now and always has been a celebrity clout chaser and has never used his scholarship to take direct aim at White Supremacy with any true fervor. He tantalizes us with his masterful vocabulary but has never provided us with a lucid perspicacity of the racial caste system that suffocates the majority of us. He cannot offend where he plans on eating.

Notice how those defending Gayle are now attacking the #GirlDad movement as if it was an organization that as a whole decided to attack and threaten Gayle. Many of the men who participated in the movement have not weighed in at all, and others have weighed in without hostility and vitriol. This is another subliminal way of diminishing Black men and their roles.

I don’t only disagree with what Snoop did (including any other person threatening Gayle or calling her out of her name), but I personally denounce it. However, my disagreement with those tactics does not exonerate Gayle of her wrong. Her track record speaks for itself and she has to be held accountable. She is not the victim here. In the words of my great-grandfather, “you don’t get to offend someone and then dictate how they respond.”

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  1. All old ppl are NOT elders and all black ppl are NOT kings and queens. When they know thyself and start acting accordingly then and ONLY then will they get the proper RAspect they deserve. Eye’m matriarchal so cursing sistas out is not what eye strive to do but a duck is a duck so CALL IT A DUCK! What snoop did is fine with me because just like many feminist, GAYLE ALSO PROVED THATS SHES NO SISTA OF MINE! If its fuck me then u know its fuck u. In Louisiana we say that for ANYBODY beefing with us. Why should eye as a black man care about a female like that that have constantly shown us black men that shes not for us. For many years us Kemetics always try to get along with ppl. Unite with ppl. Let them call us names and laugh it off. Be the bigger man. Smh we wasted much time, energy and money trying to get along with PPL that don’t like us. Time to finally listen to the real elders and learn from these words, “YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO THE LAKE BUT U CAN’T MAKE IT DRINK THE WATER!” Time to be just like reLIEgious patriarchal folks and only worry about our own kind. After we finish building with our own Kemetics later in some years we will try to wake feminist fuckgirls up and get them to unify with us. But for now. FUCK EM!



  3. Black men are the largest keepers of white supremacy.

  4. I disagree with part of this statement: “Paying tuition, … will not have any lasting impact because none of these actions empower. We have proven that the issue is not an achievement gap but an opportunity gap, and just one Black billionaire can put a major dent in that gap.”

    When you pay off someone’s tuition AFTER they graduate, this is a GOOD investment! Why? Because if you pay ahead, you do not know if the person will graduate. Somefolks don’t take school seriously unless it is coming out of their own pockets. And to be rewarded for a job-well-done at the completion of your studies is a blessing. It unleashes you from a life long burden. Unpaid student loans can impede your ability to get any type of loan.

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