The Death of Public Schools & the Rise of Privatized Education in America

The Death of Public Schools & the Rise of Privatized Education in America

The Death of Public Schools & the Rise of Privatized Education in America… Most people are not prepared…

There are a couple of things going on right now that will completely change our trajectory over the next five to ten years, and as usual, Blacks are completely oblivious to what is taking place. First, the defunding and rescinding of accreditation for public schools is leading to the rise of charter and private schools. Charter schools are already funded by taxpayer money, and if things go as planned for the powers that be, taxpayers will soon be paying for private schools who will be very selective in who they accept. Simply put, the gap in education is about to widen, and inner-city poor kids are about to suffer.

The Death of Public Schools Rise of Privatized Education in America

Charter schools have already ravaged top performers from normal public schools leaving them to struggle in meeting the academic benchmarks — ultimately resulting in schools and even complete districts losing their accreditation. When children are not adequately educated (prepared and empowered to be successful in life), they struggle to earn enough to support themselves and their families. What is even more fearful is that government subsidies that have underwritten these groups in the past will not likely be there to save the day.

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The Death of Public Schools & the Rise of Privatized Education in America
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Even worse, the workforce is rapidly shifting. Why do you think they have fought against raising the minimum wage with such vigor? Because, if the minimum wage is raised to $10/hr (low end) up to $15/hr (high end) a $16/hr job wouldn’t look so enticing to wage workers. Companies that want to compete based on wages would be forced to raise wages.

What they are hoping is that most will not do the math. The truth is that based on the current and rising cost of living, even $15/hr is not sufficient for a single person to survive off of, much less raise a family.

Degrees are becoming increasingly useless in the traditional market — outside of academia. The loyalty that once existed between employers and employees has disintegrated. Companies want the least expensive workforce they can tolerate, so older, more experienced employees are let go to hire less-experienced workers for less money. The highly-qualified workers are finding it increasingly difficult to find work, and when they do, it is at a fraction of what they are worth and used to earning. Or, they end up in a completely new industry starting over.

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Just like in 2007, during the financial crisis, workers are being forced into the world of business ownership because they cannot find jobs. While this is not a bad thing, it requires a different mindset and a certain level of preparedness. What is scary is that very few are ready, and most will spend the first few years of this process demanding that things go back to the way they were, despite the fact that the old way never worked in the first place.
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