The Role of Propaganda in the Feminization of the Black Male Image and Gender Ambiguity

the Feminization of the Black Male Image and Gender Ambiguity

The Role of Propaganda in the Feminization of the
Black Male Image and Gender Ambiguity

I have been
writing and speaking on the feminization agenda for years. I have been accused of
being homophobic and spewing hatred — neither of which is true. I possess undying
love for my Black brothers and sisters, regardless of sexual orientation or
gender identification. However, my undying love does not require that I accept
or stand in agreement with concepts, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that I am
either inherently, experientially, or discoverably opposed to.

The use of propaganda
as a means of social conditioning is well documented and results are obvious.
How else can you explain the massive paradigm shift that has occurred over the
last 40 years as it pertains to sexual orientation and gender assignment?

There has been
a push to silence voices like myself and others who effectively point out the
flaws in the arguments supporting the inherent nature of gender confusion and
diverted sexual orientation.

Addressing the Current Narrative

First of all, I
am going to keep speaking the truth as I understand it. I stay under the gun
with the LGTBQ community (and I am done trying to remember the continuous
addition of letters and categories). It is simple, there is an agenda to
feminize the male image while confusing sexual orientation in minors (gender
ambiguity). This is especially prevalent in the Black community. There is also
a push to redefine masculinity — thus the term toxic masculinity.

Black men who
are bold and stand up straight pose a threat to the mainstream power structure and
we are perceived as a threat in almost every situation. By way of social
construct, everything imaginable is being done to neutralize the threat.
Additionally, heterosexual men procreate, which is yet another threat.

I have been
writing and speaking about this for years.

I propose that
the term “homophobia” is being misused to guilt and intimidate those who oppose
the views and lifestyles of those within the LGTBQ community. A phobia is an
irrational fear of something. To disagree is not a form of hatred nor is it a
form of fear; it is my right as a human. I will not be intimidated or pushed
back. In fact, the more it is forced upon me, the more I will push back.

We must be
willing to admit that there is a certain level of hypocrisy in the manner that
the LGTBQ agenda is being presented. They desire the freedom to live their
lives as they see fit, but resist any idea of extending that same freedom to
those who oppose their lifestyle.

What is crazy
to me is the fact that they have pushed this agenda so forcefully that it is
rapidly normalizing this type of behavior to the point that many of us find
ourselves defending it more than we defend our race. This has been an organized
agenda since at least 1972 with the NSSM 200 (A national agenda for
international population control, with an extreme focus on the Black race). The
NSSM 200 was followed by the NSSM 2000 (a memorandum on the machinations used
to execute population control).[1]

Those who are
familiar with the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric
Disorders) will notice that this time frame coincides with the removal of
homosexuality as a mental disorder.

What most don’t
know is that the leaders in the field of psychology during this period were
pressured to remove it but wrote, in their dissension, that the removal was not
because they believe that homosexuality was a natural and normal occurrence. In
other words, they were stating that they did not believe that individuals were
born homosexual.

We are not only
experiencing the feminization of the Black male image but they are conditioning
the masses to judge those who stand against femininity in men. There is a
concerted effort to normalize effeminate traits in heterosexual men. The inherent
and recognizable traits of masculinity that facilitate the role of men in social
environments are being labeled toxic in lieu of something more docile and
compliant. This inherent masculinity that I speak of is at the core of the man’s
willingness to risk his life to protect his wife, family, the elderly, and the
community in general. While the LGBTQ is fighting for acceptance, the
government is promoting compliance and docility — same agenda, different motives.

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the Feminization of the Black Male Image and Gender Ambiguity
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The Use of Propaganda to Establish New Paradigms and

If you don’t
understand the force of media-driven propaganda, much of what is transpiring
right now will get right passed you. The use of propaganda to control the
mindset and thinking of the masses is not anything new and there is a wealth of
pragmatic and empirical data that outlines how and why propaganda is so
effective. This is why we must manage what we consume by way of sight and

Simply put, we
are at war and the rules of engagement are quite different than what one might
assume. The goal here is not to enslave the body but the mind.

Adolf Hitler
used media-driven propaganda to drive the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany

“One of the
factors that helped the Nazis rise to power was propaganda. The Nazis used
propaganda throughout the late 1920s and the early 1930’s to boost Hitler’s
image, and, as a result of this and other aspects, he became extremely popular.”[2]

In addition to
using propaganda to increase the popularity of Hitler and the Nazi party, they
also used it to demonize and dehumanize the Jews (both European and African).

For many who are
still baffled about Donald Trump’s rise to power, you need not look any further
than the subtle messages by way of media that were aimed specifically at poor,
lower middle class, and median middle-class Whites. For years, there have been
messages driven by the media that suggests that immigrants and minorities were
destroying the fabric of the country. It was a subtle way of saying that these
groups were robbing White America of its privilege. Many voted for him out of
fear of becoming irrelevant in this country.

Propaganda has
the ability to excuse rationale and what should be considered common sense. When
it comes to propaganda, it is not simply what we see and accept as truth. Even
if we initially disagree with something, it will eventually become inculcated
into our subconscious if we don’t cut off the source. This is important because
the subconscious controls 96 percent of human behavior. Media-driven propaganda
will dictate how we see and respond to things.

Those of you
who are old enough, if you look back to the 1970s, you will see the subtle
normalization of homosexual activity on television from virtually zero exposure
to highly explicit acts in recent years. We have gone from a time in which you
could not even hear profanity on mainstream television to an era in which
anything goes. If it is normalized on television, it will become normalized
within the culture.

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In the Black
community, one area that was targeted was the Black church. For those of us who
grew up in the Black church, there was a noticeable gay male population. This
was not by accident. Leon J. Podles wrote about it in his book, “The Church Impotent.”[3] Podles addresses this
phenomenon in great detail, even addressing the fact that the gay male
population served to alienate heterosexual men who found it unacceptable.

Both Edward
Bernays and Tom Burrell point out the power of propaganda and how it is used to
drive public opinion and write new narratives.[4] [5]

What should be
of concern to every Black parent is the fact that this agenda is being pushed
in public schools. Our minor-aged children are being purposefully targeted by
the authors of this agenda. What is being taught to prepubescent children has
crossed the line of what is appropriate. Children are literally being encouraged
to question their gender through the new gender identification movement — championing
a notion that you can simply choose who you are as it pertains to gender. This notion
does not consider biological influences such as hormone and chemical balance.
It does not honestly examine the fact that hormonal therapy is not a
replacement for the body’s natural production of such hormones and chemicals. More
profoundly, it does consider the universal demand for homeostasis between seemingly
independent elements that include emotions, mentality, physicality,
spirituality, etc. While these elements and components of one’s life seemingly
operate independently, they are actually highly dependent upon one another. Changing
the hormone makeup of an individual does not change sex nor gender. Gender
assignment surgery will not completely change the sex nor gender because the
nature of one’s being is simply more complex than that.

There is a
reason that depression and suicide are above average in these groups.

Allow me to provide
a moment of elucidation. As I stated at the beginning of this short treatise, I
love all of my brothers and sisters, regardless of perceived faults — with the
exception of those who have completely sold out our people for money and acceptance
from White society. My love does not demand a requisite of accepting and
approving of all behavior. I hold no hatred or animosity toward any of my
brothers and sisters. I do not condone violence toward them solely based on their
sexual orientation or gender identification. I do, however, warn against
stealthing — transgendered individuals presenting themselves as what they identify
with without disclosing the entire truth. I guess what I am attempting to convey
here is the fact that my stance is not coming from a place of hatred.

Fact vs Fiction

unfounded concept that is being pushed through the mainstream media is the idea
that homosexual orientation and cross-gender identity is congenital. The media
is pushing the notion that people are born gay and gender confusion is also, in
some way, inherent. What is ignored is the consistent and direct correlation between
men and women who identify as homosexual and childhood sexual abuse. I have
worked with literally hundreds of gay men and women and I have yet to find one
that was not a victim of molestation, rape, or incest as a minor. There is
extensive extant data that provides evidence that suggests childhood sexual
trauma contributes to future sexual orientation. While additional work is
necessary to identify the factors that drive this correlation, the number of
individuals who identify as gay who experienced CSA is beyond statistically

I am not
suggesting that everyone who identifies with being gay was molested as a child,
but far too many have been for us to simply ignore its influence. In much of
the work that I have done in this area, I have developed several hypotheses
that approach the question of sexual orientation and gender modification being
used as coping mechanisms for unprocessed trauma. There is still a great deal
of work to be done.

When it comes
to fact vs fiction, here is what we do know. The sex of an individual is
determined in three distinct intervals:

  • Chromosomal sex (determined at the point of
    fertilization by the male spermatozoa)
  • Gonadal sex (begins as early as the 7th
    week of gestation as sexual organs and organic infrastructures start to develop

    • Formation fo male or female reproductive structures
      depend on several influencers

      • Gene action
      • Interactions with other embryos in the uterus
      • Interactions with the maternal environment
    • These interactions are what causes undifferentiated
      gonads to develop into either ovaries or testes
  • Phenotypic sex (expressed some time after birth
    becoming more pronounced with age.

While chromosomal
anomalies can lead to gonadal deviation, it is extremely rare — happening in about
.017 percent of births.[9]

I could get
into the multitudinous chromosomal combinations, but it is not necessary to
make the point I wish to make.

Sex is a
scientific fact, you are either male or female — period.

When it comes gender,
it is quite different. Gender is subject to social constructs and the
observance of characteristics that observe behaviors that are either associated
with being masculine or feminine. When you study cultures on a global scale,
you will find that the gender roles and identifying characteristics vary geographically
and culturally. The truth is a designed construct to distinguish between male
and female for the purpose of empowering one group and disempowering another.
It is a construct designed by a patriarchal society that has served tip the
scales of power in the favor of those classified as men. There was a time in
which the term “man” referred to both, male and female, but the gender
construct changed that.

If Gender is Only a Construct, Why Is It So Important?

I have been
asked why Gender should matter if it is only a social construct. My answer is
simple. The term “woman” has become synonymous with a female. In fact, they
have been used interchangeably for centuries. So being a woman is about a space
that has been made for females to express themselves holistically. It reflects
their uniqueness in the universe — there ability to bear life into the world an
more. It is also reflective of the hardships and struggles women have endured

For a person
who cannot naturally experience the historical space of a woman, it is unfair
for them to interpolate their ideas of reality into this historical space. When
we allow this, it marginalizes the unique struggle that women have had to
endure. It marginalizes their victories and persistence as it invites those who
cannot relate to take part in the fruit of the struggle.

emulation does not constitute womanhood. Hormone supplementation only magnifies
the fact that the person is not naturally what they are striving to become. While
I have no problem making room for a person to openly express themselves as they
choose, I am going to have to demand that they do it their own unique space and
that they not attempt to invade the unique space of women — especially Black


While this
piece drifted away from the feminization of Black males to examining gender
confusion, I will argue that from the perspective of organized agendas and
protocols, they are connected. In other words, I see transgenderism as a method
of feminizing the male image, because even though most people will not say it,
they still see a man living as a woman.

At the core of
this dilemma is the right for people to choose how they live their lives;
however, this right does not transcend the rights of others. We all have beliefs,
behaviors, ideas, and concepts that will not be accepted by others. We have all
been forced to accept that not all will accept us. Christians don’t show up in Islamic
Mosques preaching the gospel. Black men don’t show up at Klan rallies preaching
Black power, diversity, and acceptance. Every group has its safe spaces and
they make the necessary adjustments when they travel outside those spaces. They
are also aware that there are simply places they will not be welcomed in. The
LGBTQ must abide by the same social and cultural paradigms and laws as everyone

While the pressure
to be politically correct is an ever-increasing one, we hold an unrelenting
responsibility to speak truth to power and to the masses. We must not relent in
protecting the core values, interests, and principles that will serve us in our
quest for liberation and empowerment.

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