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The Merging of Souls

The Merging of Souls

The Merging of Souls

The Merging of Souls ~ The Power of Black Love

A lot of Men have millionaire potential, but need a strong woman to help birth that thing out!

-Juanita Bynum

There is a lot of truth in this statement, but one must be careful to understand the dynamic through which this takes place. I believe every man (person) has millionaire potential. I have witnessed those with autism, down syndrome, and other conditions that most would feel limits them do extraordinary things.

Yes, our men have millionaire potential, and a significant part of reaching that potential will be the woman they choose. However, there are some things that must be considered.

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The Merging of Souls
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1. Before a woman can enter the equation, he must have a lucid knowledge of his “work” (this will not likely be his current job). A man’s work is what was designed to do.

2. He must be able to clearly articulate his vision, as well as explain how he will integrate her into the equation. Instead of asking what he drives, where he works, or where he lives, she should ask him what his vision is. His vision explains where he is going, which should be important to her because if she chooses him, she will be going in the same direction.

3. He must be committed to his work, not sitting around waiting on her to come along. She should be able to easily identify his potential by observing him.

4. The spiritual birthing process is not magic. It will not happen overnight. So, both will have to be patient and committed. No matter how honorable the purpose of this now united vision, there will be forces at play that seek to destroy the work.

5. The woman’s role is that of an incubator. If a man plants his genetic seed, she returns to him his offspring. If he buys groceries, she will create a meal. If he gives her a house, she will transform it into a home. If he trusts her with his vision, she will carry it in her spiritual womb and birth the manifestation of his potential. In the same way, if he gives her sorrow and pain, she will give him hell.

Gentleman, your wives (significant others) are not surrogates for your mother. They are your partners. It is your responsibility to determine how to integrate both roles so that the partnership works. It is your job to create an environment that allows her to thrive in her gifts and talents.

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Ladies, your man is not a project. He is not there for you to mold and shape into what you think he should be. In fact, if he has not figured out who he is and committed to it, he is not ready for you yet. Your role is that of a provider of peace and support as he provides you with safety and security. Challenge him to grow and live in the fullness of his potential. In return, he will provide the space for you to live in your own vision and purpose as dictated by your design and relationship with God.

Together, there is nothing that the two of you can’t do, but you must work in unity toward common goals while giving each other space to be who you inherently are. When feminine energy merges with masculine energy, a synergistic force is created, allowing the couple to accomplish what they could not accomplish as individuals. This is about much more than romance. It is about destiny! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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