Dapper Dan Breakfast Club Interview

Dapper Dan Breakfast Club Interview

Dapper Dan Breakfast Club Interview

If you have not watched the Dapper Dan Breakfast Club interview, you should commit to watching it. It is about so much more than fashion. This interview should be mandatory watching for every Black household. I new that Dapper Dan had a brilliant mind for fashion but his brilliance and understanding of economics, finance, business, global influence, and so much more is remarkable.

I am not one for overstating things, but this video can literally change your life, give you hope, and challenge you to excellence — for starters.

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I have downloaded from YouTube (just in case they take it down) and I have watched it twice already (I am going to keep watching until I can break down every concept). My challenge to you: Watch it at least once!

Thanks to my Brother in the Struggle Norland Bailey for sharing it first.

Lessons on: History ~ Business ~ Economics ~ Culture ~Global Influence and more…

I found it very noteworthy that one of the primary themes in this discussion was the importance of reading. There is one point in the interview in which Dapper Dan says, “it was then that I decided I would read my way out of this…” We don’t give enough value to the importance of reading despite all of the pragmatic and empirical evidence that suggests that the most successful people on the planet are avid readers. Every Black home should have a reading plan for every person in it.

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Another takeaway from this is the fact that we are not aware of how things work and that is used against us to exploit and mishandle us. You cannot establish a place for yourself if you don’t understand how the game is played. I have watched this interview multiple times and I will be watching it a few more at least. My challenge is that you watch it at least once. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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