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Thousands of Black Girls are Missing

Thousands of Black Girls are Missing

Thousands of Black Girls are Missing and Their Cases are Under-Reported!

With all of the different things that come across my desk, I stay quite busy. There are plenty of reports of racial profiling, police brutality, workplace discrimination, and more. However, something that has begun to bother me is the number of young Black girls who have gone missing with very little attention given by mainstream media.

Based on their representation among missing girls, cases in which Black girls have gone missing is significantly under-reported. It is left up to us to give a voice to the voiceless. New Black Media has to step up and speak boldly and passionately about our missing babies. We must press inexorably toward a resolution to this enigmatic issue.

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We need to talk about all of the missing Black girls and the manner in which mainstream media is underreporting this phenomenon in comparison to other missing girls. We are failing our children because we are so self-consumed that we will allow gadgets, phones, computers, televisions, and social media to raise them while we get lost in ourselves.

We have to do better. “Consistently, Black teen girls are disproportionately reported missing from their homes and communities, and when they go missing, the disparity in coverage compared to missing White teens is shameful. Black girls’ lives matter. Our girls deserve protection and support, but our society seems content to ignore them at best and dehumanize them at worst.” (Why the Crisis of Missing Black Girls Needs More Attention Than It’s Getting, La’Tasha D. Mayes).

When our girls go missing, they are either completely ignored or dehumanized by tagging them as highly promiscuous and hyper-sexualized women (not girls) with criminal proclivities. It is obvious that the issue is complex, involving sex trafficking, pedophilia/ephebophilia, cultism, and more. We must raise our vigilance and reestablish our commitment to protecting our babies.

For additional resources, visit www.theodysseyproject21.top/ Note: The situation is just as bad for our women and I will be bringing these two dynamic realities together in the coming weeks.

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