Billy Porter Wears Dress on Red Carpet at Oscars: There is Nothing Progressive About This for Blacks

Billy Porter Wears Dress on Red Carpet at Oscars

Billy Porter Wears Dress On Red Carpet at Oscars

Billy Porter and Husband

I seem to always find myself in the crosshairs of the LGBTQ community, and I am good with that. I believe that it is important that we do not ever cross over the line between tolerance/acceptance and co-signing behavior that is counterintuitive to true Black progress.

There is an all-out war against the historical/traditional Black man. There is a push to not only emasculate the Black man but to feminize the Black male image. The White man has always sought to force the Black man into a non-threatening posture, but the only way that the Black man is not threatening to a White man is as a Black Women. There has been an adoption of terms to soften the nefarious intent to emasculate and feminize the Black male — terms like metrosexual, gender neutral, and toxic masculinity.

There is no substitute for Black masculinity in the Black struggle. We must never allow Black manhood to be defined through the nebulous and ambiguous lens of forced feminity as modeled by those who seek the approbation and approval of Whites. We must not subject ourselves to the thrust of the idea that we need to be led by and protected by the White man in order to survive.

I have actually given myself several days to figure out how I could address Billy Porter wearing a dress on the red carpet at the Oscars while clamping the arm of a White man. Then, I came across this short treatise by a sister that said it quite well (see below).

It is imperative that we fight to protect the sanctity of Black masculinity in its purest form. The image that is being presented is counterfeit and detrimental to true progress. There is nothing progressive about a Black man wearing a dress — White men have been attempting to soften the image of Black men for centuries. It is up to Black men to defend our roles and positions as well as our state of authentic masculinity. Our women need us to be protectors, providers, and coverings — not to be in competition with them for best-dressed female. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


Watch the short video on the subject:



Damita Miles

February 25 at 9:30 AM

The matrix is really trying hard to erase the Original Black Man, Woman, Family, and POC in general.

After 400 yrs of the Black Man & Woman fighting for freedom & respect…this is what the matrix displays and attempts to convince the world of what we’ve become.

Giving the impression that the “white” man has finally beaten the Black Man into complete submission and has even taken away his manhood.

If you don’t think that’s what you’re seeing here you are being naive and walking yourself into “the burning house” (MLK)

After 400 yrs of struggling, this image depicts the ultimate surrendering of a Black Man & Family. Rendering him down to being a white mans secondary, his date, clasping arms with him in a dress & heels like a woman… ( “claiming” “gender-neutral” and using that trendy phrase as the excuse), displayed on national TV, a Black Man joined together in arms with a white man like he’s his b—h and NOT a Man, NOT a Masculine Creation of God as a Black man….NOT even 3/5 of a Black Man.

These are the subtleties of the matrix’s ability to completely turn people against themselves by continually feeding the minds of society images like this and giving it a platform.

While many women will find this acceptable, think twice, our acceptance has a lot to do with our inability to find a “good man”…there are consequences and responsibilities that come with acceptance of questionable behavior.

And be very careful and understand that I’m NOT attacking homosexuality….true, people can make their own choices and I’m making mine.

I’m NOT with this and I don’t have to be.

And at the same time of not accepting what I think is questionable behavior, I can still respect others choices.

Respect and acceptance are not contingent upon each other.

Realize also that sometimes when we think that we are freely choosing, we may not be at all…it could be that we are being prepped to choose…(Classical Conditioning 21st Century)

We should try to be more intellectually aware and know that it’s what we DON’T see that’s REALLY under attack.

Notice what we DON’T see. We DON’T see a Black heterosexual man, his black wife, and their black children being the center of attention anywhere in this matrix.

More importantly than this black man in a dress…is the LACK of support toward the Original Black Family and how many overlook that.

However you choose to see this… its definitely, unequivocally and without any debating representing….true, the freedom to be who you are or who you think you are and….at the same time it represents…

Self-Genetic annihilation and self-genocidal behavior all wrapped up in a Black Man looking like he’s walking to his own funeral, in a black dress & heels…dying…desperately holding on to a white man, ( his savior) implying to the world that the Black Man has finally surrendered, captured….”You got me, I give up….and my manhood too”

#Im4theOriginalBlackManWomanFamily and the preservation of that….and that’s NOT being racists.

Love for Self and All.


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