Dr. Boyce Watkins Sued for Fraud & ZaZa Ali On the Hot Seat

Dr. Boyce Watkins Sued for Fraud & ZaZa Ali On the Hot Seat

Dr. Boyce Watkins Sued for Fraud & ZaZa Ali On the Hot Seat

When I was initially approached on the topic of Boyce Watkins and ZaZa Ali and the accusations of multiple accounts of fraudulent activity, I stood down. Those who know me understand that I practice great caution when hurling accusations at my Black brothers and sisters.

After a conversation with a close friend and colleague, I decided that I needed to address the situation because I had gone to bat for both of these people. I also believe that I have a responsibility to bring light to situations that could prove harmful to those in the Black community.


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What I need to make clear here is that no matter how well you do business, there will be times when things simply will not go the way that you planned it. When this happens, there must be an honest effort to straighten things out and do right by people. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than you would like, but there must always be an effort.

You should always respond to the attempts of people to contact you, even if you don’t agree with their assessment of your products or services. There is a thing called professionalism.

The video addresses, in the proper context, certain claims and accusations being levied at Dr. Boyce Watkins and ZaZa Ali and these accusations don’t place either party in a good light. One thing is definitely clear and that is when things like this happen it becomes easy to understand why it is hard to get Black people to support anything Black when the struggle itself is being exploited.

I have included enough foundational fact for each person to conduct their own research and come up with their own conclusion. At the end of the day, we are going to have to do better in how we deal with our people, and we are going to have to be willing to cut Black business owners the same slack that we do for other entrepreneurs and businesses.

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