Black Friday Madness & Black Economic Impotence

Black Friday Madness & Black Economic Impotence

Black Friday Madness & Black Economic Impotence!

Shoppers climb over each other seconds after the yellow tape was cut at 5:00 a.m. to reach the 32 laptop computers that were on sale at a Wal-Mart store in Puyallup, Washington. (AP Photo/The News Tribune, Russ Carmack)

I rarely share videos that depict my people in a negative way; however, there is so much to be learned from what is taking place in this short clip.

Allow me to succinctly elucidate my point here. One of the greatest and most enigmatic dilemmas facing the Black community is economic impotence. Notice I did not use the words poor or poverty. Poverty and lack are a mindset in the same way that wealth and abundance is a mindset. I used economic impotence because explains our collective ills. What we lack in fluid-capital such as currency, we make up for in creative and innovative resources. We are not poor, we are divided and misguided — leading to a failure to actualize our innovative and creative potential for the purpose of rising above our current challenges.

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What is ironic about this picture is that the vast majority of people in this video are of African descent, and they are literally running over one another to patronize a white-owned establishment — subsequently pouring money into an economy that benefits those who oppress them. They are, in essence, financing their own demise.

To further exacerbate the devastating force behind this behavior, their need to stand in lines for hours, risking getting trampled to save a few bucks on things that will immediately lose their value after being purchased is necessitated by a failure to develop a focused spending and investing agenda that would help them build collective and personal wealth, which would completely shift their economic state and the need to literally fight over bargains that the enemy is offering.

The fact that this behavior can be predicted by non-Black business owners is also significant — it speaks to the historical significance of the mindset that drives this behavior.

So to be clear, we are poor because of a mindset that ignores the value of our inherent resources as a race, and we are economically impotent because we refuse to use our resources to help ourselves.

What I find ironic is that a large portion of the Black Population will deride Lavar Ball for his boldness and commitment to building a legacy of wealth for his progeny while finding absolutely nothing wrong with what is taking place in this video ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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