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Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay!

Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay!

Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay!

Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay!
Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay!


Black Father Kills Son Because He is Gay

I have been aware of this story since it first hit the airwaves, and I must first say that it is sad and it speaks to the level of dysfunction in our community. See my short commentary at the end of the story.

“The Nevada father of a gay teen allegedly shot and killed him over his sexual orientation, according to reports.

14-year old Giovanni Melton is the teen police say was shot by his father.

Giovanni Melton, 14, was gunned down by his father, Wendell Melton, after an argument Thursday about him having a boyfriend, news station KSNV reported.


“He hated the fact that his son was gay,” Sonia Jones, the teen’s former foster mom, said. “I’m sure that inside of his mind, he would rather have a dead son than a gay son.”

Jones said that the 53-year-old dad had caught the teen with his boyfriend before and “pulled out a gun on him.”

Police said they received a report Thursday about a domestic disturbance at a Henderson apartment.

Responding detectives found the 14-year-old was in critical condition.

He was rushed to St. Rose Dominican Hospital where he died from his injuries.

Police said the teen lived alone at the apartment where he was fatally shot.

Wendell Melton was taken into custody Friday at Henderson Detention Center.

He was charged with open murder, child abuse and prohibited person possessing a firearm.”

Those who have followed me for any significant amount of time are aware of my stand as far as homosexuality is concerned, and will continue to remain firm in my stance; however, I have five sons, and while none of them have given me any indication that they are gay, if I were to discover that one of them was gay, I would not disown them and I definitely would not kill them. My love for my seeds is unconditional.

This kid was 14-years-old, and I am certain that he was exhibiting signs that were indicative of his sexual orientation. Being that it seems that he was already living on his own and had been in foster care, it is likely that his father, Wendell Melton, had not been a consistent presence in his life. So, this may have been more about Wendell’s feelings of failure and inadequacy as a father than Giovanni Melton’s sexual orientation.

This is what happens when Black men abdicate their roles as husbands, fathers, protectors, providers, and modelers of Black manhood. No, not Black boys with effeminate tendencies — but Black men taking out their feelings of inadequacy and failure out on the next generation that they left to raise themselves.

I want to be clear to distinguish the difference between the feminization of the Black male image and homosexuality. I know Black men who are gay and yet maintain a strong sense of masculinity, which has a purpose. There are others who are straight and present highly effeminate characteristics, which is often a reflection of being reared by a single mother who coddled them while modeling femininity herself. Black masculinity is integral to the balancing of the feminine energy of Black women and it is necessary for the advancement of the Black collective as a whole.

With all of that being said, our young boys and young men are still ours and we must love them unconditionally, and that can be done while firmly disagreeing with their sexual orientation if it does not fall in line with our personal beliefs. Unfortunately, we have used homosexuality as just one more reason to hate one another. I believe that there is nothing more galvanizing than the trust that is built on unconditional love.

I also believe that we often place disproportionate emphasis on certain behaviors while giving others a pass. Homosexuality is definitely a problem in the Black community, especially when you become aware of the NSSM 200 and NSSM 2000 documents that point to homosexuality as a form of population control of Blacks in this country and abroad. However, there are multitudinous pathological behaviors that plague the Black collective that go completely unchecked. In fact, many of them are treated and accepted as part of our culture.

We have work to do.

It is sad that the lack of love and empathy led this father to destroy his own seed, but it speaks to the darkness in his own soul. We have to do better as a collective. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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