Hip-Hop Reacts To Meek Mill’s 2-to-4 Year Prison Sentence ~The Game is Rigged

Hip-Hop Reacts To Meek Mill’s 2-to-4 Year Prison Sentence ~The Game is Rigged

Hip-Hop Reacts To Meek Mill’s 2-to-4 Year Prison Sentence

I just came across the following story published by BET, and it set off a cascade of thoughts and memories that demands that I speak and speak lucidly and boldly on this topic.


Hip-Hop Reacts To Meek Mill’s 2-to-4 Year Prison Sentence


On Monday (Nov. 6), a Philadelphia judge slammed a two-to-four year prison sentence on Philly rap star and Dreamchasers boss Meek Mill after two violations of his probation, which he was serving from a nearly decade-old drug and weapon case.

While Judge Genece Brinkley pointed to a failed drug test and failure to comply with court-ordered travel restrictions as the reason for the harsh sentencing, NBC Philadelphia reports, the sentencing is rightfully being dubbed severe for a number of reasons. New York’s hip-hop and business mogul Jay-Z emphasizes one of the most overwhelming, however: Brinkley’s total disregard for the Assistant District Attorney and Meek’s probation officer’s recommendation for no jail time.

Thus, Meek’s fate at the hands of Brinkley’s loose discretion is nothing short of heart-wrenching for his family, friends and all other loved ones. Meek’s defense team is now hell-bent on an appeal for the sentencing, and hip-hop is standing in the corner of the Wins & Losses emcee right along with them.

    1. JAY-Z
    3. T.I.

  2. YG

    It’s crazy when you wanna do right but right don’t wanna do right. Meek a fighter so he gonna get through this.


  7. First, what I find incredibly conspicuous is the absence of Eminem and his voice speaking on behalf of Mills. You see, far too many Blacks wanted to crown Marshall Mathers the G.O.A.T. after his cipher on the BET Hip-Hop awards in which he took aim at Donald Trump, but like anything else in life, greatness is determined by what you do on and off the field, in and out of the ring, etc.

    Next, Michelle Alexander did an exceptional job pointing to the disparities in the justice system, socioeconomic influencers, the political system and more created and sustained by a racial caste system that is designed to target people of color disproportionately and to sentence them more harshly. We must learn to stand together and take aim at this system in a manner in which we slowly dismantle and destroy it. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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