Devin Kelly: 26 Killed & 20 Wounded in Texas Church Shooting ~ What You Need to Know!


Devin Kelly: 26 Killed & 20 Wounded in Texas Church Shooting ~ What You Need to Know!

Devin Kelly: 26 Killed & 20 Wounded in Texas Church Shooting

Devin Kelly: 26 Killed & 20 Wounded in Texas Church Shooting


The narrative has been written and spoken many times in the recent past in this country. There is a rush to classify anyone who is not White as a terrorist when multiple people are randomly killed in one deadly act. However, when it comes to White men, it seems the media and politicians go to great lengths to provide justification or excuses for the shooting. These White killers have been classified as mentally ill, disturbed, misguided, and a number of other descriptions, but they are never categorized as being what they really are — domestic terrorists.

The federal government, state and local politicians, and especially the mainstream media refuse to place the label of terrorist on the back of a White man no matter what he does. The truth is that statistics bear witness to the fact that over 70 percent of mass shooters are White and over 70 percent of cop killers are also White. Yet, cops are so afraid of unarmed Black men that they will shoot them without provocation.

While Devin Kelly, the White shooter who took 26 lives today in a small country church was killed, I would argue if that if this would have taken place in an urban setting he would have miraculously been taken alive.

Just days after a White man walked into a Walmart in Colorado and killed 3 Hispanic individuals, the story has been consistent that officials cannot figure out why he did it — completely ignoring the fact that the only people he killed were Hispanic. Furthermore, rather than classify him as a terrorist, they have labeled him a disgruntled evangelical.

There will be cries for gun control, but laws are for the management of law-abiding citizens. Making guns illegal would simply create a stronger underground economy while hamstringing law-abiding citizens. What needs to be done is the government needs to admit that its greatest security concern is not radical Islam or Black Identity Extremists, but homegrown White men who are suffering from the psychosis of unprovoked White rage. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


Devin Kelly Kills 26 Churchgoers & Donald Trump Immediately Ascribes It to Mental Illness!

I am not going to great detail about this situation at this time. I have already addressed this situation in depth, but I did want to point to the quick conclusion that Donald Trump arrived at so quickly. It was a white man; therefore, it could not be terrorism, because he is not a Muslim. We can’t call him a thug because he is not Black. We dare not call him a murderer because murderer and rapist are from south of the border.

So, when a Black person commits a crime, we have to build more prisons. When a Muslim commits a crime, we need stricter travel policies. When a Latino commits a crime, we need bigger walls and strong border enforcement. However, when a White man kills 26 innocent churchgoers, we need better mental health.

This is the malignant narcissism that serves and the grand psychosis of the White race. A pathological state of mind that creates a massively distorted view of reality. This form of embedded narcissism will not allow the powers that be to ascribe certain titles to any White man, and one title that they avoid at all cost is “terrorist”
— despite the fact that history paints a portrait of unending terror at the hands of the European. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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