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Why Black Men Deride Russell Wilson and Despise Ciara ~ The Projection of Black Inferiority

Why Black Men Deride Russell Wilson and Despise Ciara ~ The Projection of Black Inferiority

Why Black Men Deride Russell Wilson and Despise Ciara ~ The Projection of Black Inferiority

Why Black Men Deride Russell Wilson and Despise Ciara ~ The Projection of Black Inferiority

Addressing the Hatred of Ciara and the Deriding of Russell Wilson

I recently came across a friend’s post on social media that asked why so many Black men hated Ciara (singer & entertainer). Another common theme is Black men deriding Russell Wilson as a simp for the love he gives Ciara and her son.

“My response to the post was succinct but highly pointed. You can read it here:

“…It is too complex to get into here, but I will say that when people are highly critical of others it is reflective of internal conflict. Men who attack Ciara are unaware of their power to bring healing to women who have been broken and discarded. A real man has the power to love a woman back to life. However, when a man is struggling with his own identity, he tends to project his deficiencies onto others.

Also, many of these men find it easier to identify with Future than they do to identify with Russell.

I am absolutely proud of Russell Wilson for taking the time to see through the surface and discover what was underneath.”

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time is aware of the fact that one of my strongest passions is the restoration of the Black family nucleus. The family is the institution through which axiological principles and values are introduced and inculcated into the minds of young children. When the institution of the family is disrupted in the manner in which the Black family has been, the ability to properly racially and culturally socialize Black children is substantially inhibited — meaning that Black youth, in general, enter the world unprepared to compete individually or as a part of the collective.

What you see with Russell is a young Black male who is properly socialized and sure of himself to the point that he was not intimidated by the challenge of working with a woman with a past that is reflective of her not being completely acquainted with her worth. Because he was sure of himself, he chose to invest himself in her. Instead of judging her, he examined her at a deeper level — mining for her potential — he discovered a source of emotional and spiritual wealth beyond comprehension.

He knew that she was wounded, but he, himself, was the healing balm. He showed her understanding instead of ridicule and judgment. He stood guard over her fragility instead of exploiting it. He, through his actions, promised her that no one would ever hurt her again — not on his watch. He loved her back to life. He did not objectify her, he allowed her to sink into the security of his arms and his heart where she felt safe for the first time in a long time.

The reason that many Black men are finding fault with them both is that they are struggling with their own identity, and it has become common for the broken and insecure Black man to take a misogynistic approach to dealing with the Black woman. It is easy to ridicule the Black woman than it is to acknowledge their own deficiencies. We even have Black men blaming black women for their inadequacies…

It is time that we start healing, because we cannot build until we heal! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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