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The Emasculation of the Black Male Image ~ Building a Better Black Man

The Emasculation of the Black Male Image ~ Building a Better Black Man

Updated Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Emasculation of the Black Male Image ~ Building a Better Black Man

The Emasculation of the Black Male Image ~ Building a Better Black Man
Dr. Rick Wallace

The Emasculation of the Black Male Image
Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

The image of the Black man has been marginalized and emasculated to the point in which his impact is negligible at best. This has not been accomplished without his participation at a certain level, but the intent has been clear — to completely immobilize his power to move, lead and protect his people.

There are multitudinous machinations in play that serve to immobilize the innate strength of Black masculinity by presenting an emasculated image that is representative of a feminized state of being that will be tolerated by Black women, but not respected as far as true manhood is concerned.

One modality that has proven to be highly efficacious in presenting an emasculated and feminized image of Black manhood has been Hollywood cinema renderings of its top Black actors in makeup and feminine attire. With the exception of a very few, all of Hollywood’s leading Black men have been placed in drag or some form of feminized role. I know, its just entertainment, right? Actually, no! It is more than entertainment. Tom Burrell speaks to the power of media to create narratives and change images in his book Brain Washed. Edward Bernays also highlighted the power of media propaganda to shift narrative, ideas, concepts and more.

While there will be those of you who will point to the fact that some of Hollywood’s leading White men have also been featured in drag, I would suggest you look at the percentage of these White men placed in drag in relation to the total number of White men in Hollywood and then do the same for Black men. The intent becomes immediately obvious for those willing to observe the facts under the light of truth.

From Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Arsenio Hall, to Taye Diggs and Wesley Snipes, not to mention Ving Rhames, our men, who would otherwise appear masculine, have been reduced in masculinity and presented to the masses. We have subsequently experienced a rise in feminized behavior among young African American males, and a total feminization of modern Rap culture.

Allow me to elucidate my position. The ability of the Black man to lead is heavily dependent upon the Black woman’s trust in his ability to do so. Because of our failure, as Black men, in so many other areas, that trust is basically hanging on by a thread and while Black women will befriend and confide in feminized men, they will not follow them as leaders.

While the term feminized may be highlighted here, the more emphatic idea surrounds the emasculation of the Black male image. Feminization of the Black male image is only one modality through which the Black male is being emasculated and Black progress is being stalled.

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The Emasculation of the Black Male Image
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Allow me to reiterate a common theme of mine. The Black collective will only get as high as our Black women lift us, and we will only get as far as our Black men will lead us. It will take both, masculine energy (from Black men) and feminine energy (from Black women) to gain momentum and movement toward authentic empowerment and liberation. Supporting role reversal, role confusion, and role switching may be politically correct but it is not socially, economically, or politically expedient in the push for Black empowerment.

With this in mind, it becomes evident that we must build a better Black man — a strong Black man. We must start at the ground and work our way up. This calls for proper racial socialization and preparation of young Black males between the ages of 4-30 to properly equip them with an identity that can not be shaken by exogenous forces.

We must teach our young men to protect and respect our women, to honor their roles and fathers, to seek to develop wealth and leave lasting legacies, and to prepare to be three times better than their non-Black counterparts. We must prepare them to go out into the world that is hostile toward them and not just compete, but win. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Dear Black Men,

The Emasculation of the Black Male Image
Marion Theresa Wallace

I know that they made it hard for you. Snatched you away from your families, whipped you till you were half dead and made you work for free. And even after slavery you still couldn’t get your footing because then convict leasing came into play. And even now so many years later. The rest of the world is still trying to destroy the black man. Don’t believe me? Check the numbers on under, employment. If we can’t provide for ourselves eventually many of us are forced to turn to crime. Check the numbers on incarcerations? Check the numbers on drug users? Numbers don’t lie! Many of you will argue choices when many of us didn’t have many choices.

No, none of this is fair. But, I need you to ask yourself these questions? Why after so long am I a target? Why can’t I have a fair shot at providing for myself and my family? Why can’t I have the respect of the black woman?

My answers would be — because “they” know how powerful the Black Man really is! They knew that if they took away your ability to provide then you would lose your woman’s respect. Then they gave it to her and now she looks down on you. It’s all a set up. I am asking for us to read more. Learn about the mechanisms that “they” have in place. If the black man were to find the power within himself then you all will be a force to recon with! GOD made the Black Man superior for a reason. It was meant to help you over come and bring him glory. It wasn’t meant to have you believe the narratives that were written by your enemies. It’s time to stand!

I challenge each and everyone of you that feel this way — to regain your sense of self. It’s still deep inside. 
Stop leaving your children behind! Sit down and talk about your traumas. Learn how to stop, self medicating. Learn your true identity because the world has lied to you. And most important, get close to your Creator! No you don’t have to be a preacher because many of them are going to hell because of lack of self control— but be a teacher for our youth. Because they are watching.

All the evil that was done to you will be paid in full. GOD is not a god that he would allow such evils and tragedy’s to occur to our people and not have vengeance on everyone responsible. You may not see it in your lifetime but it will happen. It’s already starting.

What you will need to do now is, hold yourself accountable and go back to your families. They need you as their leaders, protectors, providers and priest. We need our black men back! The strong women in our communities have your back. We just need it reciprocated.

If you can’t relate to this post then pass it! It’s for the hurting men of our communities. Don’t say they aren’t because there are too many black male suicides either by death or drugs.

I want to make it a point to say that I love you. To say that I see you. To say that GOD still loves the black man. And to say that you are important and that we need you. ❤️ ~ Marion Theresa Wallace

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  1. Leroy walker

    Since the church is , I stand corrected apostate Christianity partly responsible for the emasculation, and feminization of the Afrocentric young male, we must watch the message in church , and just really do away with the mental enslavement of americanized/plantation style religion, and develop a true relationship with our Creator.

  2. Barbara Ann Ebron

    Wow! Powerful. Thank you Sister Marion and Brother Rick for speaking TRUTH with LOVE. I’m going to read this again. Save it and read it out loud to the young men and women in my Family and sphere of influence. God bless.

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