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R. Kelly is Facing New Accusations

R. Kelly is Facing New Accusations

R. Kelly is Facing New Accusations – A Microcosm of a Much Larger Issue!

R. Kelly is facing new accusations

R. Kelly is Facing New Accusations

Entertainer, R. Kelly is facing new accusations. Once again, R. Kelly finds himself in the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The social media news feeds have been running hot about the new that R. Kelly is running a multi-state sex cult and that he is holding underaged girls despite the efforts of parents to get their daughters back.

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I didn’t respond to this story on yesterday, but I did observe the responses, which quickly reminded me that what is happening with R. Kelly is simply a microcosm of a much larger issue.

For those who suggest that this is a conspiracy against R. Kelly, I am not here to argue against that point, it would be a waste of time. What I am here to do is to speak to the character of a man that is revealed in the ongoing narrative. But more importantly, I am here to address the much deeper issue of Childhood sexual abuse, incest, and rape within Black families that simply gets swept underneath the rug. I am here to address the 20-ton elephant in the room. R. Kelly is simply an ornament on the mantle of this madness we continue to suffer from.

Is this a media smoke screen, at some level, probably. But it does eradicate the existence of an issue that we are being forced to face. As I press inexorably toward my purpose and passion for seeing my people empowered and functional, I am consistently forced to acknowledge the fact that we are dealing with multitudinous pathologies that we readily accept as part of our culture.

We can’t really fathom the charges levied against R. Kelly because that would force us to face the reality of what uncle Ray Ray is doing to Lil Tay Tay. Our silent condonation of atrocious acts against our children has placed us in a position in which we cannot find the fortitude to effectively address what is taking place with many of our male celebrities.

We must also consider the pathological mindset that drives blacks to automatically associate with the behavior of other blacks, carrying the burdens of another’s sin. We are the only people who immediately become anxious when listening to or watching the news and hearing about something horrible or stupid being done, and responding by saying, God, please don’t let them be Black.

We are the only ones who are forced to carry the wrongs of an individual as a collective group. We need to deal with this as well. We need to work on the internal conflict to eradicate the enemy within, and we will banish the enemy within, we will be able to stand against the enemy on the outside. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

I address these and many other pathological behaviors that Blacks have embraced as part of our culture and the solutions for healing in my latest book Born in Captivity: Psychopathology as a Legacy of Slavery.

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