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Mike Vick Takes Aim at Colin Kaepernick

Mike Vick Takes Aim at Colin Kaepernick

Mike Vick Takes Aim at Colin Kaepernick ~ The Sunken Place

Mike Vick takes aim at Colin Kaepernick


Mike Vick takes aim at Colin Kaepernick in a recent interview on Speak for Yourself with Jason Whitlock. Recently, Michael Vick appeared on Speak for Yourself with Jason Whitlock. The fact that he is on the show with Jason Whitlock, and was likely invited by Jason to appear speaks volumes. Jason Whitlock has already proven that he will defend the White status quo with a vengeance.

Jason Whitlock has a long list of occurrences in which he went after Black athletes without provocation, with the most recent being LeBron James because he chose to speak out against racism after his Los Angeles home was vandalized.

The last person I thought would come out and take aim at Colin Kaepernick would be Mike Vick, but then again, Mike is no longer able to play in the league, and he is fishing for opportunities to pick up a sizeable paycheck through his connections in the league and sports in general, but for that to happen he must function from the sunken place.

He suggested that Colin Kaepernick needed to cut his afro if he wanted to get back in the league. This is coming from a man who wore afros, braids, and cornrows for much of his career. The thing is that Mike Vick broke the chain of trust between him and his benefactors and found himself sitting on the outside looking in. He was told if he ever wanted to play the game again in the NFL, he would have to conform, and conform he did.

First of all, Mike is out of line in comparing his situation with Colin’s. Mike broke the law and lied about it to everyone that matters. He violated the sanctity of the relationship with his fan, the Falcons, and the league. Colin Kaepernick has not broken any laws. In fact, what he is doing in protesting is actually protected by the laws that are represented by the flag and anthem that everyone is so upset about.

He is a Black man standing firm on issues that are negatively impacting Black people, and he is doing it unapologetically. I supported Mike Vick when he went through his ordeal because I observed the double standards, and I would do it again. But, Mike’s situation is different from Colin’s, and his past does not afford him the right or qualify him to offer advice to Colin Kaepernick on any level.

Mike Vick has chosen the path of conformity in order to eat at the table of the overseer and that is his right, but to suggest that Colin Kaepernick should follow his lead is unacceptable! ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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