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Ghettos Forgotten Daughters ~ The Book & the Message

Ghettos Forgotten Daughters ~ The Book & the Message

Ghettos Forgotten Daughters ~ The Book & the Message

Ghettos Forgotten Daughters ~ The Book & the Message
Ghettos Forgotten Daughters by Marion T. Wallace

Ghettos Forgotten Daughters: The Journey of a Young Girls Quest of Self-Discovery is one of the most empowering books that I have read, and I am not only saying that because it was written by my wife, Marion T. Wallace, but because it literally has the power to provide the strength many Black women need to pursue the healing that is necessary to live a whole and fruitful life.

For far too long we have swept multitudinous pathological issues under the rug — enigmatic issues that are literally choking the life out of the Black collective. While we attempt to sweep these issues under the rug, we growing huge elephants in the same room — elephants that simply refuse to be ignored.

There is a wealth of pragmatic evidence that suggests that the Black woman has been devastated by the numerous pathologies that have been embraced as “culture” among the collective. As much as 60 percent of Black women report that they were victims of childhood sexual abuse, including incest, rape and molestation, but we ignored. Black women suffer from depression at alarming rates, while statistics reveal that they are least likely to seek professional help (Primarily due to the fear of ostracization from their own people.

Intimate partner homicide is the second leading cause of death among Black women between the ages of 15-44, and the numbers are growing. Where can the Black woman go to feel safe when the very ones meant to protect her are the one ravaging her? In, Ghettos Forgotten Daughters, Marion tells her story in the most transparent manner in hopes of letting other Black women know that no matter where you are, no matter how broken you are, there is still hope for recovery, healing and empowerment.

There are so many of you out there dealing with the hurts of yesterday and you don’t know how to process them. You are self-medicating just to cope. You are sabotaging relationships that have promise because of your unresolved trust issues. You are spending days upon days in a state of depressions. But you don’t have to be there; you can break free. Ghettos Forgotten Daughters not only proves that you can recover from the darkest of realities, but it gives you permission to operate within the continuum of “process.” I encourage to read this book. Take the journey with Marion from an abusive childhood to recovery and healing. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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