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Seattle Police Shoot & Kill 30-Year-Old Black Pregnant Woman

Seattle Police Shoot & Kill 30-Year-Old Black Pregnant Woman

Seattle Police Shoot & Kill 30-Year-Old Black Pregnant Woman ~ Charleena Lyles

Seattle Police Shoot & Kill 30-Year-Old Black Pregnant Woman

Not even a week after a jury acquitted officer Jeronimo Yanez for the fatal shooting of Philando Castille, another Black person is dead at the hands of a police officer. This time it is a young Black 30-year-old pregnant woman. Seattle police have fatally shot 30-year-old Charleena Lyles, who family members say suffered from mental illness.

According to family members, police officers knew that the woman struggled with mental illness and it should have been factored into how they engaged her, but this is one of the great divides that leads to officer-involved shootings in the Black community.

Additionally, we must be careful in the dialogue surrounding this and other shootings. There are a number of Blacks who have allowed a mainstream narrative to become a part of their daily discussion. There is an erroneous idea being parading through the masses that suggests that Blacks have no right to be upset with white police officers shooting unarmed men when there is an epidemic of fratricide currently taking place.

The truth is that both issues are equally devastating and require equal attention. Far too often, we allow the narratives generated from platforms that do not represent our interest to guide our thought and reason. It is imperative that we develop the capacity to think for ourselves. Yes, we must invest substantial resources in developing an efficacious response to the intraracial violence in our communities, but we must do it through a lucid perspicacity of its cause, not from emotionalism, and definitely not from some pseudo-narrative sent down from the powers that be. Furthermore, we cannot confuse our responsibility to respond to the fratricide in our neighborhoods with our right and responsibility to respond to external hostility — in any form.

In no way does the violence that is constant in Black neighborhoods excuse the senseless killings of Blacks at the hands of police officers who escape any form of accountability and justice. The cry for justice on both ends of this spectrum should be equally as loud. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


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