Jason Whitlock Suggests White House Boycott by Warriors is Cowardly

Jason Whitlock Suggests White House Boycott by Warriors is Cowardly

Jason Whitlock Suggests White House Boycott by Warriors is Cowardly


Once again, Jason Whitlock is in full counter-intelligence mode. Not even a good two weeks after attacking LeBron James for speaking out against racism, Jason Whitlock takes a shot at Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors based on speculation that they may boycott the invitation to the White House as a team.

In fairness, but acknowledge that Whitlock suggested that the team use this opportunity chance to voice any disagreements they may have with the President. Here is the problem with it all. Whitlock is making a career out of checking any significant movements or actions led by Blacks with platforms and bully pulpits.

It is immensely clear that Whitlock is being used as a counter-momentum agent — a position that he is more than willing to assume.

It is in my opinion that the statement made by not visiting the White House will be more profound than any sidebar conversation that team members can have with President Trump during their visit. By choosing not to visit the White House, the team will be sending a message that everyone in the FREE world will get. While the move will only be of a symbolic nature, it is still lucidly clear where these young men stand as a team.

I have come to expect nothing less from Jason Whitlock, and I don’t expect him to stop anytime soon. We are entering a time in which it is imperative that Blacks, especially Black men speak boldly and clearly for what we believe in. Our women and children need to see this without fail. Our elderly and disenfranchised need to see this. Our younger men need to see this. They need to see that we can be strong, and we don’t have to jump ship and run to the other side to do it. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Dr. Wallace is one of the leading voices in the fight for Black equality by way of enriched and activated knowledge. He has invested over 60,000 hours in research to understand the plight, behavior, conditioning and state of the Black collective. He is also a brilliant strategist and financial conceptualist, who works with private clients to help them achieve their dreams.

Dr. Wallace has authored and published more than 18 books that address everything from self-awareness, finance, relationships and more.

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