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Psychological Warfare Against Blacks: Propaganda as Racist Weapon

Psychological Warfare Against Blacks: Propaganda as Racist Weapon

Psychological Warfare Against Blacks: Propaganda as Racist Weapon

Propaganda as Racist Weapon

Propaganda as Racist Weapon ~ Due to a lack of understanding as it pertains to psychological warfare, and the use of media-sponsored negative propaganda, Blacks tend to expose themselves to harmful stimuli that is disguised as entertainment and news. We, as a race, tend to view everything from a superficial perspective, and we rarely question motive and intent.

The use of negative propaganda can be framed from a historical perspective. The use of propaganda, not only impacts the image and thought processes of the group being targeted, but it also dictates how others view that particular group.

While we have been in this country, propaganda has been used to perpetuate an inferiority complex among African Americans (Burrell, 2010). For those who are aware of the evil machinations of The U.S. Government and the wealthy elite, who control the power, the idea or concept of mind manipulation is not nearly as far-fetched as some postulate.

When I come into contact with individuals who are incredulous as it pertains to the power of propaganda to shape the minds, thoughts and actions of targeted groups, I usually initially respond with common reason. I normally will point to the fact that advertisers spend millions for 30-second ad spots during the Super Bowl. The rationale behind this approach is that common sense should prevail here — illuminating that businesses would not spend millions of dollars, year after year, if they were not benefiting from it.

Propaganda as Racist Weapon

Actually, my position on propaganda comes from my experience and expertise in the area of behavioral science; therefore, I will also eventually refer back to the science behind the use of propaganda.

The truth is that false propaganda is used constantly to manipulate the perceptions of Blacks. This nefarious intent associated with the use of negative and fraudulent propaganda can be witnessed in a number of ways. First, when the image that media entities present about Blacks is constantly negative, it dehumanizes the image of Blacks — meaning that others will subsequently begin to view Blacks as being less than human.

When Blacks are always portrayed as being violent and insensitive, people will begin to fear us, and they will see us as menaces who need to be controlled. The more this negative image of blacks becomes ingrained in the psyche of others, the more desensitized they will become to the hostility perpetuated against Blacks by those they consider to be authority figures (Berneys, 1928; Burrell, 2010).

What is of greater concern to me is the negative impact that negative propaganda has on the state of mind of Blacks. Over the past several decades, there has been an intense propaganda campaign being carried that is focused on feminizing or emasculating the Black male image (Wallace, 2015; Wallace, 2015).

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There has also been a long-term propaganda campaign with an intent to reinforce an existing inferiority complex among blacks. This campaign has had an immense impact on what I consider to be an uncontrollable level of self-hatred in the black community.

While the multitudinous propaganda campaigns that are currently in play are highly insidious, they are extremely sophisticated and sufficiently concealed. Not only do these negative campaigns reinforce the collective inferiority complex of African Americans, but it also negatively impacts the development of the individual self-concept of Blacks — rendering the group more docile and controllable.

Additionally, the distorted self-image that results from the feelings of inadequacy also serve to convince those within the group that they are their own worst enemies, and deserving of the hostile treatment that they receive. This reality is one of the reasons that many blacks will go out of their way to legitimize and justify the hostile and unfair treatment of other blacks.

The ultimate goal of White Supremacy-sponsored propaganda is to protect the position, power and wealth of the world’s elite. The truth is that not every person of European descent hates people of African descent; however, the vast majority have been conditioned to believe that they are superior to blacks, all Blacks hate them, and that Blacks pose an immediate threat to their wellbeing.

The average White person in America has an innate fear of what might happen if Blacks are not constantly kept in check. This fear is a direct consequence of the negative image of the African American that is constantly blasted over the media channels.

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There is a reason that anytime a White person does something questionable, a high school or professional photo is used to identify them, while on the other hand, a mugshot will be used to identify the black person whenever possible. The idea is to send the image of the wholesome White male, and the aggressive and violent Black male.

While Black males are arrested at a higher rate per capita than White men, it is a part of a social construct that is designed to produce that result. They are stopped and searched at a higher rate, despite the fact that the numbers show that White men are actually more likely to be in possession of drugs. This practice is not because the Black man is naturally more violent or prone to criminality. He has no natural proclivity to cause harm to others.

While it is his ultimate decision that frames the context of his life, those decisions are heavily influenced by the social constructs and paradigms through which he engages life. However, these facts are rarely represented in the mainstream media. In fact, the narrative is often just another message of “no matter how much opportunity you give Blacks, they are incapable of raising themselves up.” This is why many Whites view Blacks as a burden.

It is not hard to find anti-Black propaganda; it is unrelentingly presented consistently through every channel of the mainstream media machine — in radio shows, newspapers, TV shows, movies, documentaries, music, false census reports and more.  Basically, the powers that be are able to kill two birds with one stone — reinforcing feelings of inferiority and worthlessness among blacks, while poisoning the minds of non-Blacks against the Black population.

The defining ideological goal of propaganda to control what people believe and think. Another defining quality of an effective propaganda strategy and campaign is that it remains well-concealed. Most victims of propaganda insist that they are not being impacted by the information that they are constantly exposed to.

A very simple explanation of how propaganda works requires a basic understanding of how we develop and use our cognitive capacity. The brain can be broken down in a number of different ways, but for this particular purpose, it will be broken down into three parts — the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. Most of the things that we understand is understood through the conscious brain. We see or hear it, and we process it and categorize it. The unconscious brain is primarily responsible for involuntary actions, such as breathing, sleeping, smelling, etc.

Finally, the subconscious can be seen as the intake station for information being processed into the brain. The problem with the subconscious is that it cannot be turned off. If you hear it or see it, the subconscious receives it. What you tend to be exposed to the most will ultimately become a validated reality within the subconscious, and it will begin to dictate behavioral responses to related stimuli. This function within the subconscious is the reason that people are constantly being warned to guard their gates (the entrances into the subconscious).

The Solution

The first thing that we must do, as a race, in order to protect ourselves from the negative influences of propaganda is to eliminate or minimize the exposure to negative propaganda. Remember, the more you are exposed to something, the more it will impact your perspective on life, and subsequently your belief system.

Additionally, you will need to expose yourself to positive information and representation. One way that I am helping to facilitate this particular step, through The Odyssey Project, is with The Black Voice radio program. The Black Voice is a radio program that provides a voice to the voiceless. Additionally, it will work to write the Black narrative in our own way, from our own perspective.

Currently, we own less than 80 of the more than 13,000 media outlets that currently exist. The Black Voice is one step in the direction or creating our own media representation.

The most powerful way to battle negative propaganda is to produce positive propaganda to counter it. We must remain vigilant. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


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