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The Power of an Unchained Mind

The Power of an Unchained Mind


The Power of an Unchained Mind


The Power of an Unchained Mind

The Power of an Unchained Mind

The Power of an Unchained Mind ~ “When you develop a true sense of purpose as it relates to your design, you will find that there is a certain level of inherent confidence associated with that purpose — but only when you clearly identify with that purpose — with it being more than an idea, but an expected reality!

It is important to guard that confidence at all costs, and when you do, you will find that your confidence will grow, and as that confidence grows, you will begin to see your detractors as your greatest motivation.

When you effectively nurture your gift of individual genius (something that I believe lies dormant within all of us), you will find a place of transcendence in which you no longer need external stimuli to serve as motivation, and this is the place in which your detractors become irrelevant to your purpose and destiny in the world. You know they are there, and you will ultimately meet some opposition, but you have reached a point in which you understand the meaning of the term “destiny” — knowing the very meaning of destiny ensures that no matter how hard someone attempts to interfere with your destiny, they only ensure that it happens. Now, that is the meaning of destiny!

All of this is, the essence of identity!”


“The Awakening of “Your Unexpected Self.”

There is a vociferous cry from the world for original and critical thought, creating and incessant need for originality of thought and purpose.

Because you are unique, there is something in this world that only you can do — a need that you are best suited to fill. When you discover your identity, you will become acquainted with your purpose, and it will be your purpose that fuels the passion that will become the inexorable force that drives you to your destiny.

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It is this originality that provides your passion. When you begin to function in the uniqueness of your design and purpose, the world will recognize your value, and you will be generously compensated — first, by way of fulfillment, and secondly, through compensatory measures.

In the same sense, the world will have minimal use for you if your originality and purpose remain unawakened.” ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. (Excerpt from the Dynamic Thought Series)

“Mental history is a continuing reality in the same manner as physical history. In physical history, any trauma, illicit drug use, or other injuries will be evident in your current physical state, because you are the aggregate sum of your past. In the same way, what you constantly expose your mind to become a part of your mental-history imprint, and your thoughts and intellectual activity will consistently evolve as the sum total of your mental history or mental experiences. Guard your gates and value your thoughts!”

The aforementioned passages are from my upcoming Dynamic Though Series. I am intent on challenging my people to engage the process of critical thought.

I often speak to audiences and individual clients about the importance of absolute self-awareness — meaning that we must be completely cognizant of our entire being. One of our problems is that very few of us understand the complexity of our existence, and therefore we neglect immensely important components of our existence without even knowing it.

As humans, we exist as trichotomous beings — meaning that we are comprised of three separate and distinct composites — mind (soul), body and spirit. When I first share the synonymy of mind and soul, people become confused, because most people have been conditioned to see the spirit and the soul as being synonymous, but they are distinct in function. This distinction is best observed using the discipline of Greek-based theology. I prefer this method for two primary reasons — I was introduced to the truths that ultimately led me to my current state of consciousness, through the study of Greek-based theology and Greek-based theology has its foundation set closer to the time in which the concept of the spirit and soul originated.

First of all, it is important to understand that it is all and elaborate conceptualization used to explain an inexplicable reality. In other words, the use of the term soul on a universal scale allows for a point of reference and lucidity, but you can call it anything that you want to, and it will not change the manner in which it performs.

Allow me to elucidate the meaning of the term “soul” in the manner in which you can understand it. Also, outside of philosophical concepts concerning the soul and spirit, this has absolutely nothing to do with any particular religion, and while I will be using ancient Greek as a means for exegeting the explanation and definition of the function of the human soul, it is important to understand that ancient Greek philosophy is, in essence, ancient African (Kemetic/Kush) philosophy.

The human soul can be viewed as the rational, immaterial facet of mankind that is composed of self-consciousness, volition, mentality and conscience, existing as two separate lobes with distinct functions. So, since the soul is immaterial, it is not actually the brain, but the mind. According to ancient philosophy, the Greek “nous,” translated “mind,” the left lobe of the soul, is the staging area for acquired or academic (learned) knowledge, known in ancient Greek as “gnosis,” meaning knowledge. This is where we get the words gnostic and agnostic from. When a person is introduced to a specific piece of knowledge, it enters the soul or mind through the “nous.”

While the left lobe of the soul, or the “nous,” is the perceptive lobe of the soul, the right lobe of the soul, the “kardia” in Greek — translated “heart” in English — is the operational lobe of the soul. In other word, when knowledge enters into the right lobe of the soul, it is transformed from “gnosis” or academic knowledge to “epignosis” — full knowledge — having the capacity to impact thoughts and behavior. It is only when knowledge enters into the right lobe of the soul that it begins to impact your thought processes, belief systems and ultimately your behavior. The use of the terms “nous” (mind) and “kardia (heart) to explain the human soul is what the Apostle Paul is doing when he says guard your “hearts (kardia) and “minds” (nous) in Christ Jesus. Paul understands the heart and mind to be synonymous with the human soul.

When knowledge enters the right lobe of the soul, it has to go through at least seven different stages of mental processing — the initial two stages are the frame of reference and memory center, which are the initial stages of memory processing. After the first two, the information moves on to the vocabulary storage, and from there, it travels on to the categorical storage, which assists in recollection process, and then on to the conscience.

The conscience is simply the aggregate total of knowledge that has been accepted by the human consciousness as truth, also known as norms and standards. When your soul develops a belief system based off of the information that it receives, it assimilates to the norms and standards that are established by this information, and when those norms and standards are violated, it creates a feeling of discomfort. We understand that to be a function of our conscience. From the conscience, the knowledge progresses to what I call cerebral momentum — in other words, your thoughts build either positive or negative momentum — depending on what type of information is entering the right lobe. When the knowledge is positive, uplifting and efficacious for advancement, it enters the final staging category — wisdom.

Now here is what you have to understand; knowledge enters the soul through the left lobe, which could also be considered the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious is different from the conscious, the right lobe, in that it cannot choose what it will accept or reject, which means that anything that it hears or sees will register. Once information enters the subconscious, there are two ways that it can be transferred to the operational lobe (right lobe) of the soul. It can enter by being accepted and designated as truth, making it meaningful and useful, or it can enter through by way of default by means of information overload. Basically, if the subconscious becomes bombarded with negative information, it will eventually override the objection of the conscious and dump the information onto the conscious as truth, based on the preponderance of the information. This is how propaganda invades the conscious and dictates thoughts and behavior.

While the soul represents the immaterial aspect of the human existence, the spirit is the functional and operational power that allows the soul to exist in multiple dimensions. We will discuss this later. In essence, because most people are unaware of how they exist, they fail to protect every aspect of who they are. They fail to properly nourish and maintain the totality of their humanity. Your success is inextricably bound to the manner in which you holistically optimize who you are. It is time that you experience the power of an unchained mind~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.



Doctor Wallace has invested more than 26,000 hours of research into understanding the scientific implications of white supremacy and how they have directly impacted African Americans in all nine areas of human activity, which include economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. He has spent a substantial amount of time attempting to answer the question of why blacks seem incapable of overcoming the barrier of racism despite the fact that the solution has been placed before them.

The preponderance of the evidence that Dr. Wallace has examined has provided him with a lucid perspicacity of the complex dynamic at play — a dynamic that includes psychological, sociological, economic and political oppression that is executed through multitudinous pernicious machinations. He has used this information to develop what he calls The Black Community Empowerment Blueprint 1.0. This blueprint is a comprehensive strategy that addresses every area of concern for the black collective in great detail. Dr. Wallace has also disseminated his findings in a number of literary works, including his latest book, The Mis-education of Black Youth in America.

Currently, Dr. Wallace is moving into the second phase of his research, transitioning from inductive research to deductive research for the purpose of advancing and introducing certain scientific theories associated with the African American experience. To this date, Dr. Wallace’s research has proven to be immensely valuable, as he develops social programs to counter external influences, lectures to African Americans across the nation and develops a comprehensive blueprint capable of facilitating the complete elevation and empowerment of African Americans, as well as the complete diaspora in time, but the cost of research can be quite exorbitant, especially when he is investing between 55-85 hours per week.

To this point, all funding has been covered by Dr. Wallace himself. He is currently seeking research funding, but due to the specific focus of his research, traditional channels, such as government, academic and private grants are not an option. While he currently has a couple interested sponsors, both of them are non-blacks, which speaks volumes. While Dr. Wallace has committed to proceeding at all cost, the support of the community and people he is fighting for will prove highly beneficial in multitudinous ways.

 Also check out other titles published by Dr. Wallace, including Renewing Your Mind, The Invisible Father: Reversing the Curse of a Fatherless Generation and When Your House is Not a Home.

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