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A Black Claims that a White Man Punched Her In the Face

A Black Claims that a White Man Punched Her In the Face

A Black Claims that a White Man Punched Her In the Face After Yelling Racial Slur

A Denver woman says she believes the white men who attacked her overFitzpatrick the weekend were motivated by race.

Denver Police stopped short of calling the assault a hate crime, but Jacqueline Fitzpatrick said her attackers called her a racial slur prior to punching her.

After a night out, the 23-year-old Denver woman was with two friends as they waited for their Uber ride near South Broadway. Two men in their 20s approached and asked the women to tell them something about black people.

“These two guys came up to us and asked us to tell them something about black people,” Fitzpatrick told CBS Denver. “We just thought they were trying to hit on us. We didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Fitzpatrick says one of the men called her a racial slur then, out of nowhere, punched her three times in the face.

“I stood up to try and get them to go away. That’s when he hit me and I don’t remember much after that,” said Fitzpatrick.

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After the attack, a stunned and bloodied Fitzpatrick stood in shock while her friends called an ambulance that took her to the hospital, where she received three stitches.

Fitzpatrick says she is certain that her attacker was racially motivated.

“I was called a racial slur before I was hit in the face,” she said. “Even when they approached us they had something to say about my race.”

Fitzpatrick says the attack has made her reluctant to go out.

“I have live here all my life and I’ve never been afraid to be somewhere or do something because of my race. It’s never been an issue but with everything that’s going on it’s really scary,” said Fitzpatrick. “I just want to find the people who did it. I don’t think you should get away with hitting a girl and calling people racial slurs.”

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