Black Compliance is Not the Answer to White Supremacy

Black Compliance is Not the Answer to White Supremacy

Chains of SlaveryThere has been no shortage of scholarly evidence produced to shed light on the plight of blacks in America. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing gave us “The Isis Papers.” Dr. Joy DeGruy introduced us to Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, and Dr. Na’im Akbar provided the blueprint for breaking the psychological tethers associated with slavery. With all of the information that is being disseminated by great black minds, I would argue that blacks, as a collective, have not progressed at all.

Recently, I was asked to examine a certain video in which a young black man was appealing to blacks to simply comply with police officers and they would not be at risk of being shot to death. Besides the fact that the assertion he was making was erroneous and unfounded, it revealed another aspect of the black experience in America. It sheds light on a powerful mechanism that has served to keep blacks at the bottom of the socioeconomic pecking order from day one. One of my colleagues (Jason Richardson) was also asked to view the video, and the first thing that he observed was fear.

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Although this young black man was speaking from a platform of leadership, he was reacting from a position of fear. His words were expressive of a state of mind that had been conditioned to adapt to the oppressive tactics of the oppressor for the purpose of survival. It has long been the common practice of blacks to conform — to become compliant for the purpose of being accepted and finding peace — however, there has been no peace to be found in compliance. Power only responds to demand, and blacks must come to an understanding that there is a distinct difference between requesting and demanding.

In simple, White Supremacy is sustained by the power we, as a race of people, give it. Dr. Umar Johnson says it this way:

“White Supremacy is absolutely nothing without black compliance!”

The compliant and surrendered tone in the voice of this young man in the video was indicative of what has become an inherent response to hostile actions against blacks by whites — relieving the white aggressor of any culpability while shouldering the black victim with the blame. This is the response of a mind that is still in bondage. The psychological chains that held us in place during chattel slavery are still very much intact. We have been freed physically, but the bonds of psychological slavery have proven much more difficult to break.

The man in this video is demonstrating what is known as adaptive survival behavior. Every person has an inherent ability to adapt to their environment for the sake of survival; much of it is instinctive; however, effective adaptation must consider all of the variables. When a group of people and a system created by these people has proven to be consistently hostile without provocation, the group that is under attack must understand that compliance is not the answer. If fact, absolute compliance will only expedite the inevitable.

There have been a number of people who attempted to address this issue, but the points that they were attempting to make were somewhat fuliginous. So, I will use the final paragraphs here to eliminate any nebulosity that I may have created to this point.

As a means of survival, blacks have adapted certain behaviors that are the result of docility and willful compliance. Unfortunately, these adaptive survival behaviors have not proven sufficient in the least. One reason is that we have greatly underestimated our enemy. We assumed that this force that is consistently moving against us desires peace at some level. The truth is that the end game of white supremacy will always be total domination.

Compliance is not the answer. When I speak of non-compliance, it is not the chaotic, disorganized temper tantrums that are common immediately after something happens that we don’t like. The non-compliance that I advocate is organized anarchy with an end game of economic empowerment. We don’t have to comply with non-black businesses dominating the economic flow in our community. We don’t have to comply with the miseducation of our youth, when homeschooling and developing our own education system in a viable option. We don’t have to comply with the mistreatment and unfair practices in the workplace when business ownership is an option. When we begin to fight this war with our minds, we will find that we will be faced with fewer instances in which we will be forced to place our bodies at risk.

When I viewed the video of this young man literally begging black people to simply comply, his almost rational-sounding discourse reminding me of something that is a great concern of mine. In a time in which blacks need to be about the tedious task of building our own economic infrastructure on a national level, talks of compliance and peace can be quite distracting to a people that have proven their natural proclivity to acquiesce to the pressure instead of pushing forward.

I don’t want any black man or black woman to place themselves in a position in which they could lose their lives at the hand of a police officer. We have sacrificed enough black blood. What I am calling for is for blacks to stand up in unity to move toward a common goal of empowerment. It is important to understand that compliance will not bring peace when the end game of your enemy is complete domination and the total destruction of your people.

We must use the resources and tools that we have at our disposal to work to free the minds of our black brothers and sisters who are still bound to the psychological chains associated with slavery. We must exert great effort to control the message that our people are receiving. It is time to break those chains. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.


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